Monday, March 9, 2020

Notes From The Canyon

My first note is a thank you for your comments on my storytelling. The only way to get better is to keep at it and I'm glad you are OK with the process. 

I've loved the English language from the moment I began to study it when I was eleven. But still, Swedish is my first language, my emotional language, my favorite poetry language, even Shakespeare translated to Swedish sounds better to me. Yes, I know, I probably shouldn't have confessed to that one

This is what I have been up to since my last notes:

My washing machine broke a while ago. I've now had both Mark and Glenn declare the machine dead so I will buy a new one soon. Meanwhile, my friend Carol who lives exactly 113 miles from here in Strathmore, a small town in the Central Valley of California, suggested I pack up as much dirty stuff as I could and come to visit and do laundry. 

Sierra Nevada Mountains 

Due to my advanced age (I always wanted to say that) I felt a round-trip would be a bit much, so I stayed the night. Joyce fed the dogs and all went very well; the laundry got done, Carol and I visited and talked; the dogs were OK. 

The Central Valley is the bread basket of America, they say. It's certainly the fruit and nut basket and Carol has the absolutely best Naval oranges in her backyard. I came home with two big bags.

Glenn came by on Friday to help with some electric stuff. As it turned out, I didn't have a problem, I just forgot that even before checking the fuses, I'm supposed to push on that little red button on the outlet. Oh, well, we had a nice visit and he got to diagnose my washing machine and concur with Mark that I need a new one. 

The G6 version of my continuous glucose monitoring system arrived. This is the latest version and the one that eliminates pricking fingers to use a drop of blood to monitor blood sugar levels. It's much easier to insert than the G5 system and I find that I trust it to be correct. I didn't trust the G5 at all, which sort of defeated its purpose. 

The 30th anniversary of my Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis, came and went without fanfare in early February. I have managed it well, I have no complications, but there has never been a single day that I have felt SPONTANEOUS and FREE. Being very sensitive to insulin, I have always had to be on the alert, worried about night time low sugars, checking up to 10 times a day, remembering to bring glucose tablets to fix low sugars and on and on. 

With the G6 system, I'm beginning to feel free again. I don't worry before I go to sleep. I trust that it will beep me and wake me up in time. Trusting the system is for me what's most important. The convenience, and it is very convenient,  is of much less importance. 

One morning last week, I heard a familiar twitter outside my window. I went to look at the old nest and found that my house finches are back and busy cleaning it up. 

Since then the weather has turned cold and the winds have picked up. We may be getting some rain this week, much needed since our normally rainy month of February came and went without a drop. 

But the weather isn't bad here, considering what's going on in so many other places. Thinking of those who live where floods and tornadoes create such devastation. 

Samson will soon look like this again. Right now he's one dirty dog. I tell him that white dogs are not allowed to dig. To no avail, of course.

Faith will be six in April. I look for gray fur, but so far - nothing.

The pictures here are old. I need to get with the computer guy soon. I miss taking pictures and then posting them here.


  1. I like the sound of the Swedish language. It is musical and pleasant.

    I am glad to read that you have confidence in your new monitoring system. That must be such a relief for you.

  2. sorry your washer died and that you still can't get the pics to load... looks like a beautiful place you visited and glad the pups did well while gone. so happy you have the new better best to help with diabetes.. sounds perfect. Big is getting lots of gray hairs

  3. What a full and interesting post. I really enjoy your narratives. I burst out laughing at the GFCI (little red button) discovery. I've made that one myself. Now I know to check that first!

    And your innocent white dog, yes, they look terrible when they've been having fun. Who me, digging? Naah..

  4. Love your story today as well, travelling with laundry and the dogs? We need rain desperately down here, farmers are struggling. New machine, I got one a few years ago, and love it, a top loader, no bending down, and so easy to wipe clean. 1940 gave the world some wonderful people, I looked in Google to see who will join us to celebrate. But with the virus even here in NZ, an isolated island ( It came from people who had flown back from Iran and from Italy) , I think my own celebrations will be very minimal.After all, 80 is just another number, and we can be proud and justifiably happy to be there. XXX

  5. Beautiful rainbow!!
    110 miles does a bit far to go to do laundry! :)

  6. It's hard to believe that Faith is six already. Checking your levels up to ten times a day? That must have been rough. I'm glad you have a new system.


  7. I'm so happy about your G6 monitor. like you say... a better sense of FREEDOM! freedom from worry.
    I'm in apartment hunting mode. can no longer do the steep concrete stairs.
    thinking of making a move feels daunting! and I used to love moving house! must be an age thing. LOL!
    I'd rather do anything than buy a car or a washer. all computerized now and so complicated!
    and the thought of Samson still digging at his age... I LOVE IT!
    they're BOTH as AGELESS as their dear owner! xoxo

  8. Hi Inger - so good to hear about the monitoring system and that it's encouraging you to relax a little more - glad it's working well for you ... the G5 version sounds distinctly dodgy for you. What fun to be able to get across to Carol for the night, even if it was to do the washing! Lovely friend to offer ... come across and bring your laundry! One day I'd love to see those orange trees ... and how wonderful to bring two bags of fruit with you.

    I always love seeing Samson and Faith - they always look happy ... and how kind of Joyce to feed them while you were away - cheers and take care ... good luck with the buying of a new washing machine - cheers Hilary

  9. Dear Inger, it's so wonderful that you have this new diabetes monitoring system. I can truly understand that being able to trust in it is more important than convenience. Trusting in that for you is for me the trusting in a primary care doctor. I went to one here for ten years and then found another (not easy when so many don't take new patients who are on Medicare). I simply couldn't trust that doctor's nurse practitioner. And the doctor didn't respond to my concerns. Peace.

  10. enjoyed reading and that photo of Faith is gorgeous!


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