Saturday, March 28, 2020

Thoughts Adrift On A Saturday Morning

Albertsons parking lot in our town is in full bloom. These are old photos that I've posted several times already. But I wanted to share joy here and few things bring more joy than pretty flowers, so here they are again.

Then a song came to mind, Joy to the world a Christmas carol, I know, but I had in mind a rock song. I couldn't remember the band, so I googled it. The rockers were Three Dog Night, and this is the song with the famous opening line: "Jeremiah was a bull frog."

Since Google had more information right there, I decided to read up on the Christmas carol as well.

This is the short version: The hymn was written in 1719, by Isaac Watts, an English writer who based it on Psalm 98 and Genesis 3:17-18. Wikipedia had a lot about the music, much of it attributed to Handel, perhaps taken from his music.

It's a beautiful, glorious hymn, so if the music came from Handel or was inspired by him, it would make sense. I didn't read all of it, but it's there, in Wikipedia.

This just shows how our thoughts begin in one place then stray away to other, totally unrelated, places. Anyhow, in this post I just wanted to focus on joy. Here are some more joyful moment to share:

Photobomber Samson, does it again on a beautiful winter's day.

And always thoughtful Faith poses again. I have never known a dog with as many thoughtful poses and you can't help wondering what she's thinking about. Balls probably, nothing is for her more fun than chasing balls.

I hope this brought a little bit of joy to you........


  1. One of my favorite sights, looking up at trees against the sky. And in blossom, too. Yes, I did enjoy it.

  2. We have a street by us that is lined with cherry blossom trees. It is so beautiful when they are all in bloom!

  3. We all need joy right now, and I am glad for this little bit of it!! Beautiful photos! I remember this song well! Both of them!

  4. it brought joy but also the song about the bullfrog. that one is one that sticks like glue once I think of it.. I love the old hymn Joy to the World and did not know its roots, only that we sang it over and over during the holiday season in church.. those blossoms are gorgeous.. love sweet photobomer, and Faith looks soooo sweet

  5. Love both the versions, and we all need a hefty dose of JOY right now. Inger, hope you are OK there, with both Faith and Samson for company, are you able to travel out? Get groceries and other necessities? The snow, a small bit of white fluff just showing, beautiful, and a great lifter up of spirits, so necessary as we contemplate what is happening world wide. Take care.XXXX from NZ. p.s. NO birthday parties down here for my long time friend, her family cannot travel from the UK or Australia, friends here cannot travel either, we will all remember our 80th, as a day with no celebrations together, but online can send greetings and much love.

  6. When you said Faith probably thinks about balls, I had the wrong idea. It's my dirty mind. What kind of blossoms are on the trees? Some people around here have bushes with gorgeous pink flowers but I don't know what they are.


  7. Boy did you take me back with "Jeremiah was a bull frog." That song was popular in the midst of my partying days. Brought back some fun memories. Spring is really blossoming out. We just need it to quit raining here. Faith really is a deep thinker isn't she?

  8. Those trees are exquisite ... and the snow too - the dogs are so cute. It was great to bring back memories of Jeremiah was a bullfrog, although I love the hymn too ... Stay safe Inger

  9. Oh I remember Jeremiah was a Bullfrog. : )
    The spring blossoms are gorgeous!!
    Joy to the world is a great hymn. No reason it shouldn't be song anytime of the year!!

  10. That tree is stunning! I remember Jeremiah was a bullfrog. We used to sing it when I was a child.

  11. it brought GREAT JOY dear friend! thank you! xoxo
    and you can NEVER go wrong with the sweet face of Faith
    and little photobomber Samson! LOL.

  12. Thanks Inger - both 'songs' definitely bring joy. I love the carol at Christmas ... while who can resist Three Dog Night - while that first line ... sounds very British - a ridiculous one ... Jeremiah was a bullfrog: what a way to start a song ...

    Gorgeous blossoms - ours are coming out - but we're having a cold storm spell right now ... then no doubt - everything will green up rapidly.

    Good old Samson - photobombing ... and then Faith and her pensive moods - delightful photos - take care - and thanks for the happy joy ... cheers Hilary

  13. The last photo, with Faith and her pensive mood is magnetic.
    The color of her eyes is of a rare beauty.

  14. Faith looks deep in thought, perhaps thinking about balls, her favorite things. My dog often looks thoughtful and when I ask him what he is thinking about he doesn't say. Oh, I read a book I liked called Three Dog Night.

  15. oh, i thought I posted on this - ... Anyway - i LOVE those white trees and wow what a good photo of Samson.


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