Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Morning Reflections


During Errol's illness, we frequently had to drive the 100 miles to UCLA's Emergency Room. 

Errol would tell the attendants that I was his Rock. I had always thought he would be mine, since he was younger than I. 

Now I have to be my own Rock, which is fine for now. 

Sometimes I wonder what will happen when my time comes to be ill. But then life is full of surprises and maybe a Rock will be there, a pebble, a grain of sand, someone will be there.



  1. Hi Inger - yes ... someone will be there for us ... I just hope it will be an easy transition for us all. Stay safe and live peacefully for the now ... enjoy your beautiful canyon and those beloved critters - at home and outside ... all the best - Hilary

  2. My son often tells me I'm his Rock. For me, my Rock is Jesus and I put all my trust in Him. He has seen me through many very difficult situations and I continue relying on his strength and not on my own because I'm nothing without Him.

    Stay safe and well dear Inger.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. God is the Rock that will always be there for us, if we ask and pray to Him. He'll never let us down.

  4. I often wonder about that. A couple of close friends, much younger than I, who had always said they would be with me as I declined, have died. So you can't plan, just hope. I actually attended the last days of one of the friends.
    Hope is good.

  5. I understand your wondering. I had my rock set up who is 30 years younger than I am. She would take care of things, especially Callie. Now, she is sicker than I and I am trying to be there for her. Like Boud said, you can't plan.

  6. I wasn't talking of my spiritual needs here. I was talking about practical things. If I, say would need cancer treatments, I would have to drive myself to Bakersfield, 50 miles one way. When I had cancer I drove myself to UCLA 7 miles and could barely keep my eyes open driving home after treatments. I feel my spiritual needs are fully met. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

    1. You were clear, Inger. It's the spiritual power, God, that will see to it that you get practical, physical help: someone to drive the car,to take care of the house, etc...HE'll send the right person to you, when time comes. You have to believe in that and ask (pray) for it.

  7. A Rock who can drive you is so important, Hugh is my driver now, until the cataract surgery, but at home I am THE rock, and I often wonder how he would cope if I was gone. Practical, that's me all over, from home, shopping, finances, and all else. Once I was in hospital and the staff laughed so much, he phoned and I had to tell him how to program the washing machine!!! That was some years ago and nothing has changed. I guess the rock can be a totally unexpected person, and am sure if you need one, that person will arrive when needed. Last year our two rocks are our friends right next door, with the housework for me and lawns for Hugh.This started when I had to go to Wellington Hospital, and has continued with much thankfulness.

  8. Hello Inger,
    I hope you find someone to be a rock for you. Even a dependable friend, someone who is there for you when you need a helping hand or just for company. Take care and stay safe! Have a happy new week!

  9. I can sure see how this would be a worry to you. We are to live in the present and enjoy it, as God only gives us the courage to live in the present. But that is much easier said then done!!

  10. I think that a pebble will appear - but I certainly understand your worry. I have it too because we have no children. We all must hope that our rock will appear.

  11. Now that my Rock (my dear hubby) is gone I think about those practical things too, especially getting to medical appointments, etc. I read that there are volunteers who drive people to get chemo and dialysis. I know you are out in the beautiful desert, but it might be good to check on the volunteer programs for future reference. Be of good hope, friend.

  12. I am sure, if and when the time comes, you will find someone to help.
    I think Terra's suggestion that it might be good to check on the volunteer programs for future reference sounds a good idea.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  13. That’s something I think about as well as my partner is older than I and not in as excellent health. I hope you are blessed with good health for a long time and not in need of a “rock” at all!

  14. i know the feeling . Mike is my rock however, with him gone a lot right now down helping our son who broke his knee i am doing the things around here that he use to. i've been shoveling a lot of snow that's for sure.


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