Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Samson Weathers the Storm

I'm using Samson to check out and learn about the features of the various photo programs available to us now. How times have changed ~ remember when you had to take your photos to the drugstore to be developed? That wasn't all that long ago. 

I hope you will enjoy these new Samson posts.  


  1. he's adorable with his wind-swept tresses!

  2. More More, we want More Samson... love the wind swept look

  3. Halloj!
    Uj har ni sådan vind? Han är ju för go.
    Kram från oss här borta

  4. Like fur reals, of course I will enjoy da Samson posts...just slap a foto up on da blog and all will be good...him not even has to say nuttin, we can just stare.
    Seriously, his such a beauty and I adore dat foto of him.


  5. Oh I always look forward to Samson photos !
    This is a great one by the way :))

  6. Love how the wind teases his fur. Samson's forever gorgeous!

    Good luck with your photo project. If you find some good links, I hope you'll share as I'd like to stick my toes in those waters as well.

    And there's a link to a holiday blog fest at my blog you might be interested in -- a really good cause.

  7. I do remember that, even have a camera or two with old film in it waiting to be developed LOL.

  8. Nice shot. The photo programs that come with the cameras are usually quite good. Samson looks quite photogenic.

  9. Fine photo of Samson. Looks like a bit of wind, but noting else. Hope you didn't get a blizzard!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  10. The windswept look is good on Samson! :-) Very nice photo!

  11. Burr, he looks cold! I love that everything is digital now. I would never take the amount of photos I do, if I was paying for development.

  12. Samson looks gorgeous as always!
    I have been scanning many pictures and slides and I am glad we have now digital cameras.


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