Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Samson and the Trespasser

Samson Says:

The other day, when mommy and me were out walking on our own land, minding our own business, here she comes.

Raggedy woman, I seen her before cause she's a trespasser. I seen her climb our fences even. But since I was behind a fence myself, I couldn't do anything about it, except bark. 

Now, here she comes, like she owns the place, down this hillside, marches up to mommy and me, and says hello! I hope mommy will tell her off, and she does: "Do you know this is private property?" mommy asks, but nicely. This gets the raggedy woman started, she screams, waves her arms in the air, turns around, and stomps off across the field.

Mommy mutters, "meth," between her teeth. I don't know what that is, but it can't be good. Then, much to my surprise, mommy goes, "come back here, I want to talk to you." 

So the raggedy trespassing woman turns around and yells, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I have so many problems, my car is in Texas getting a new......" something. She's really loud, she stinks something terrible, her teeth are all black, and bad, bad vibes come out of her. So when she comes real close to mommy and me by the gate you see above, I decide to take matters into my own paws. 

I lunge forward, pulling mommy with me, while I let out a horrible growling sound. I don't know how I make that sound and I almost scare myself, but I must stay focused. So I'm lunging and pulling and growling something fierce. Mommy says, "that's enough, Samson." Then she warns the raggedy woman, "he's very protective of me, so don't come any closer."  The raggedy woman says, "Oh, I'm not afraid of German shepherds, I used to have one myself." 

That's when I know our Angel, my second mommy, the dog who raised me, is standing by the Rainbow Bridge, smiling. So proud of me, taking care of our mommy now that she no longer can be here to protect her. 


After that, mommy talks to the raggedy woman, tells her what she can and cannot do on our land. Tells her which road belongs to the neighbor and which one is public. Tells her to watch out for mama bear and the cub, heh, heh. Good for mommy! 

As for me, I'm all puffed up and proud to be mistaken for a German shepherd dog!  


P.S. I mentioned Puddles in the last post. Puddles is a Doxie, which is a Dachshund, and she's one sassy dog with a big heart. Puddles is absolutely hilarious; she's the funniest dog in Bloggyland. Or I think she lives in Blogville, wherever that is. Puddles has blue toenails and drinks beer! Need I say more? If you check her out  here  you won't regret it, I promise.

Have a nice day everyone!

Oophs, Mommy! I'm not Pink Floyd, what are you trying to do to me?

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


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