Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Reflections

Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.

                                Standing Bear 


I found this old picture and will let it serve to remind me that rain will come, grass will grow green, and flowers will bloom again in the canyon where everything is the color of and old worn out burro, covered in desert dust.

I'm sorry I worried you with my diabetes problems. My husband calls me twice a day, so that's a safety net. And I am very, very vigilant. When you can't feel your low sugars coming on, and usually you can, the trick is to keep them high for a while. I do that by taking less insulin than I need. After that, I can feel my low sugars before they get dangerous, eat some glucose tablets (and chocolates!), thus preventing them from going too low. And today I plan to review everything that's happened in the past week and adjust my insulin pump settings. I do this better than the doctor, but I see him in a month and will discuss this week with him then.

I want to thank my friend Carol, who sent me a lot of test strips she didn't use (she has type 2 and does not have to be as vigilant as I). To be able to test as much, and more, than needed has been a life saver for me this week. Thank you so much, Carol.  

My email is working again, so I will wait with changing to gmail. I'm sure I will do it soon because it will be easier to have everything in one place. Oh, well, Google wins again! I came up with a mixture of our initials and when I included SD for Samson Dog, I was satisfied with my new moniker. Thanks for your suggestions, of course I loved samsonsmommy. More about him soon, he is turning out to be a GREAT dog! It has been good for us to be alone here and really bond. I feel his love, it's so strong. 

Samson Says: The sun rising through the clouds, makes me look pink here. I'm not Puddles, I did NOT dye my fur!


  1. Good to hear you have a handle on the diabetes, my SIL is on a pump and it has really helped to keep her more stable.

    Samson is so handsome no matter what color the sun makes him.

  2. i love that you two are bonding tighter than ever. :)

  3. Pretty In Pink Pup... love that glowing fur... glad you did not get a dye job though. i like the samsonsmommy to.. and i am happy to hear you are getting your sugar under control and we don't have to worry to much.

  4. What a fun and gorgeous shot of Samson !
    Take good care of yourself Inger , glad you have things back under control.

  5. I'm glad things are OK with your health. You are right about your being able to monitor things better than the Doctor - you are living it and watching it every minute.
    How wonderful that Samson and you are developing such a close relationship. I wonder if he could ever learn to detect changes in your condition before you notice it? Hmmm... interesting thought!
    I think 'only' dogs do bond with their humans.
    I hope you have a fantastic week!

  6. So glad you're getting your sugars under control. Pretty pink pup!!

  7. Relieved to know you've gotten your sugar under control and are moving forward. You've got True Grit, Inger! And Samson is forever gorgeous!

    Of course you can quote me!

  8. Hallo där!!
    Fin bild! Va rädd om dig och sköt det där med sockert....
    Samson är ju för söt!! RIktig kramis hund ju"!
    Kramar från oss alla i Småland!

  9. Inger your words are so true. If only others would hear them!...:)JP

  10. Oh Samson is so handsome. I am happy you are taking care of your sugar please keep a close watch OK. HUG B

  11. You are smart to be so vigilant Inger. Just recently a nephew was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.
    I hope he 'takes the bull by the horns' so to speak and learns how to manage it.
    Samson is such a beauty!

  12. I don't blame Samson, I'd want that pink color explained, too.

    Thanks for settling our worries about your insulin.

  13. Hello Inger! I hope you continue to feel better, and I'm glad that you have your sweet boy Samson there to take care of you and keep you company!

  14. Hi Inger .. love the photos and headers you use ..

    I'm so glad you've got your safety nets in place .. and that you're (as far as you can be) on top of things ...

    Samson is just brilliant - and I'm so pleased he's a creature comfort for you ... including him in the email is a good reminder how much he's in the body of your blog!

    Early morning sunlit clouds can be glorious can't they ... look after yourself, and keep that monitoring up ...

    Carol sounds a great friend ... cheers Hilary

  15. I'm so glad to hear that you are in such a good regimen with your diabetes. I have type 2 diabetes and it is not so challenging. But, like you, I do recognize when my body is not happy with me... Samson is such a beautiful dog and I love the 'pink' -- very fashionable over here!

  16. That saying is really a truism. At least for me. Diabetes seems to be more prevalent now. I know so many people who are burdened with it. Sorry you are alone some times but a natural setting as in your world seems to beckon to good health, more so than the city life. Samson is so beautiful. I'm a spinner and someone once gave me a dog identical to Samson so I could spin the beautiful hair. I would comb him and get bags of hair. lol

  17. WHat a gorgeous dog you have!

  18. I've been out of the blog-circle for the last week or so and have missed all this about your lows. I hope it's all under control. As you may remember, my three year old grandson has Type 1 but the biggest worry is that he can't yet recognise his lows. His Mum is constantly wanting to check him.

    What a beautiful picture of Samson. I quite like the pink haze :-)


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