Friday, November 15, 2013

Random Five Friday

1. At the post office, hubby met a man who lives in the canyon with his wife, dogs, 60 chickens, many turkeys, goats, and two llamas. So now we have fresh eggs again. 

2. I chose to eat the blue egg first. It was so pretty, I put it in my grandmother's egg cup and placed it on one of her plates that I inherited.

3. My thoughts drifted to my grandmother and this picture of her as a child. One can clearly see the determined woman she was to become. 

4. Fall in town and in our mountains is glorious this year, but here in the canyon it's just the same old sun on a dry earth with temps in the 20s in the morning and 70s in the afternoon. 

5. This is my first Random Five Friday. I've  enjoyed reading everyone's random thoughts on Fridays for a while now and it's been fun to join in. 


  1. Good morning Inger! What a beautifully coloured egg! It looks perfect with your grandmothers china.
    She does have that determined look, doesn't she. She knew what had to be done.....even at that age!
    Great photo through and up into the trees. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead and a big hug to Samson from us and a woof from Sophiedoodle!

  2. smiled at the chicken, the fresh eggs and your grandmother's face. :)

  3. Hi Inger .. these were random - but how lovely to have fresh eggs and perhaps a chicken occasionally.

    However your family photo is just delightful .. she does look determined doesn't she ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. I've seen coloured eggs like that from our relatives upcountry here in British Columbia. They had green ones too, can't remember if there were other colours.

    Love that photo of your grandmother. I like to think of myself as a determined woman, too, so I can identify with her.

  5. beautiful blue egg and love the dish.. and 60 chickens? wow.. the photo of your grandmother is a true treasure

  6. Loved this random thoughts idea--although you know a lot of my blogs are random!!

  7. Oh Inger your Grandmother was as beautiful as her Granddaughter I can see the similarities, you also are strong and full of determination. Oh blue eggs I have not had one in years. Your Grandmothers china is perfect for it. Have a nice weekend my dear Inger. Hug B

  8. A blue egg?! Marvelous.

    Your grandmother's face says "Don't mess with me!" She must have been a determined woman.

  9. Yummmm...fresh eggs and the picture of your grandmother is a treasure!...:)JP

  10. oh i really loved number 2 and 3 :)

  11. So nice to have fresh eggs! I really like the picture of your grandmother.

  12. I love the eggs from "Easter Egg" chickens. They're so pretty. Your grandmother definitely looked determined.


  13. That egg matched with your china is so perfect! How nice to have fresh eggs again. I'm almost out and my hens have quite for the winter I fear.

    Thanks for joining in Inger -- was fun to read your random facts. :)

  14. Sounds great to have fresh eggs.
    So lovely your grandmother's egg cup! Love seeing the picture of her as a child.
    Enjoy the fall and your weather in canyon too.
    Hope you have a happy Sunday.


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