Friday, November 8, 2013

Clouds, Friends, Diabetes & More

Somehow the time change got the better of my diabetes management and serious problems with my insulin resulted in blood sugars crashing to dangerously low levels. Fortunately, since I'm still alone here, I managed to catch each episode in time, before passing out. 

Our bodies, including our brains, need the correct amount of insulin to be distributed and if that does not happen our system gets out of whack. After three episodes of low blood sugars, I felt horrible and stayed in bed for two days. Fortunately, I have an 800-plus page book by Stephen King to read. I never read anything by him before, but the book was only a quarter at the thrift store, so I picked it up. Now I'm so into this book, called 11/22/63, about a man coming back from 2011 to 1958 for the purpose of preventing the assassination of President Kennedy. It's really good with suspense building over all those pages. I'm in 1963 now, but only on page 500 something.

Thank you so much for all your comments that awaited me as I opened my blog this morning. 

I signed up for bloglovin' and I think I will like it and it will enable me to read and comment on blogs more efficiently. I also found some new blogs in the process. Blogs that I know I will enjoy discovering. 

My aol email got a bug of some sort. I forgot to log out and I don't know if that's how the bug snuck in (or sneaked in, I guess I should say). Now it will not allow me to send emails unless I click on a link. That, of course, I didn't do, instead, I googled the link and found a lot of other aol users that had the same problem. Not feeling so good, I didn't read anything or try to fix the problem. 

Since I'm fed up with aol anyway, I will check out g-mail. Might as well, everything else is Google. I want to come up with a better user name than my entire name. I can't come up with anything, so please let me know if something comes to mind.

Finally, yesterday was my friend Lin's 92nd birthday! I talked to her on the phone, she is still as bright as ever and has kept her sense of humor through all these years. She told me she's now using a walker, but made fun of it, how it gets stuck in doorways, etc. When Lin was 55, she moved into the apartment building where I lived in Los Angeles. I looked out my kitchen window and saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I remember it so well. That she turned out to be just as beautiful inside has been one of the great blessings of my life. Happy Birthday, my dear friend. 

One more thing: Chatty Crone asked who Rachael is. I've written so much about Rachael, I forget that not everyone reading my blog will know who she is. Rachael is a very close friend of mine and another true blessing in my life. She's 30 years younger than I, but still seems to enjoy the company of this old lady. Perhaps the way I enjoy Lin's. I met her when we both worked at the donkey rescue. Rachael has volunteered with animals all her life, while working in regular offices, but now she is one of two park animal keepers in the Los Angeles county park system. She works with critters as small as chickens and as large as bisons. I plan to visit her at her job soon.

Rachael with Orion, the great-horned owl. 

I have to go to town now to pick up a few essentials, like coffee, and may, if I feel up to it drive up to the monastery. I really want to get my Christmas shopping out of the way early this year. And, yes, the checkbook is in my purse. 

Didn't mean for this to be so long.......


  1. glad you have the checkbook. :)

    i am so glad you have caught your own episodes in time. i am sorry the time change threw you off, so. do be safe!

    a user name? inger in the canyon comes to mind. :)

  2. Inger I was glad to read you were able to manage on your own and that you have settled into reading Spielberg....awesome author! I do remember you mentioning your friend and smiled when I got to her pic!...:)JP

  3. Stay on top of your insulin -- you are scaring me. Passing out, alone at home, would not be a good thing. I use bloglovin' and I've been happy with it. I also switched to a gmail email account when I got disgusted with earthlink. How about desertInger or desertcanyon?

  4. I feel stupid for not knowing who Rachel was. Sorry about that.

    And I am worried about your blood sugar and going low and being alone. You need to set some alarms to get you up or have a meter that has an alarm when it goes down so much.

    Have a good weekend.


  5. i am so glad you managed to catch your sugar before you crashed, that could be very dangerous way out there alone.. when does hubby come home. be careful please.. and i love Rachel for all that she does for animals. love he cloud pics, awesome...glad you have that checkbook handy..

  6. Thank you for paying attention - and taking good care of yourself.

    These photos are amazing.

    Love & Love to You!

  7. Oh I love "Inger in the canyon" Tex is right it is perfect I was thinking "Swedish beauty in the desert" but hey that other one works better you would get a lot of emails from lonely men with mine because it is very true. Please take care of your sugar levels Inger I do know about that my FIL had it and it is not a good thing and I really care about you.
    Love the movies of the books you are reading:)
    Take care my swedish beauty in the desert. hugs hugs B

  8. Oh I forgot to say Happy Birthday to your friend Linn 92 is amazing and friends like her and Rachel will keep you strong and happy. Hug B

  9. Thank goodness you were ok, what a coincidence that my last book review that you were kind enough to comment on was by an author with diabetes!

  10. i hope you are feeling better today, Inger. I think you must be in better balance if you can think about traveling to the monastery today. The book sounds really fascinating, so perhaps you can still get lots of rest. I'm very concerned for you out there alone...are the medical alerts you could look into? I don't know if they're expensive or not. It just seems like a good idea to look into one. For today, enjoy as much rest as you can, and enjoy that lovely desert canyon. ox (breathe lighter)

  11. Needless to say, perhaps it's time to visit your doctor again? Sounds like your insulin is off. Just worrying...

    How about Samsonsmommy@gmail? :)

    I'll get back to you on the soap/cards thing as soon as I can. Have a great weekend.

  12. Hi Inger, I am so glad you managed to catch your sugar in time!
    Sending a very Happy Birthday to your dear friend Linn!
    Rachael is really beautiful and sounds great that she has volunteered with animals all her life. Love her the photo with the great-horned owl.
    Have a very nice Christmas shopping.

  13. user name: first 5 of your last name first 3 of your first name

  14. Scary to hear of your troubles with insulin, especially as you're alone. Please take care. Your pictures are just gorgeous. What an amazing eye you have, and the stunning setting doesn't hurt either!

  15. I do hope you are feeling better. Glad that you were able to catch your episodes. Be vigilant! I use g-mail and like it. No issues.

  16. Oh, my, how scary to read of your issues with insulin. I do hope things level out. Interesting that the time change would throw that off as well - you wouldn't think moving things an hour would make a difference, but it sure messes all of us up! I hate that the sun is going down earlier and earlier. Yesterday it was 4:43. Ugh!
    Take care of yourself!

  17. Be careful of your health, Inger.

    I've read only a few of Stephen King's books and usually on the recommendation of one daughter. I read The Stand, and Hearts in Atlantis, both quite good.

    A friend of ours used to work with the animals here at the old Vancouver Stanley Park Zoo. She would bring baby bears home if they needed special care - brave girl. Glad to see you back, Inger.

  18. I HATE when my blood sugar drops!! That's when I tell Bud I feel punchy & he asks how I can tell!!

  19. Hi Inger .. I worked backwards to read, and now will work forwards to comment ...

    Diabetes is just horrid - and no wonder you feel anxious ..

    Good luck with keeping the Insulin levels correct .. with many thoughts and gmail is ok!! - Hilary

  20. Ugh I knew there was a reason why i hate the time zone change thing and what happened to you is on top of the list - I hope you are on a even keel now!

    And Rachel is a beauty, just like your birthday friend!



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