Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Five Friday

  1. The first winter storm hit last night with pouring rain, thunder and lighting, howling winds, and this morning snow at 5,000 feet, just above us. You know I'm happy!

2.  For years now, I've worn Wrangler men's jeans, size 34/34. If I take a deep breath, I still fit in them, but not when I add long johns. So I went to buy some size 36/34. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were too long! I found out I'm now 36/32, which sounds like I'm getting rounder, for sure. 

3. Samson's getting rounder too ~ his coat fluffed up almost overnight, it seems. He refused to go out in the pelting rain, the thunder scared him, but by now he seems used to it all and wants to go for his walk. I'm not so sure about that.

4. Hubby's coming back home tonight or tomorrow after many weeks away. I got a lot done and enjoyed my alone time, but by now I miss him. Lots!

5. Memory is strange, isn't it? I often forget in the present, but I remember that on this date 50 years ago, my girlfriend and I were going to a party with some foreign Princeton University students. I don't remember where they were from, I'm thinking Middle East, maybe. We, foreigners also, shocked and very upset after learning that the President had been killled, cancelled our dates. We were shocked all over again to learn that these guys were totally unaffected, very callous, almost pleased about the assassination. While I could pass judgment on that whole area and wonder if this was a preview of things to come, I will not. There's something wrong about judging everyone by the actions of a few. And, of course, those guys missed out on going to parties with Swedish girls ever again........

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