Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Five Friday

  1. The first winter storm hit last night with pouring rain, thunder and lighting, howling winds, and this morning snow at 5,000 feet, just above us. You know I'm happy!

2.  For years now, I've worn Wrangler men's jeans, size 34/34. If I take a deep breath, I still fit in them, but not when I add long johns. So I went to buy some size 36/34. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were too long! I found out I'm now 36/32, which sounds like I'm getting rounder, for sure. 

3. Samson's getting rounder too ~ his coat fluffed up almost overnight, it seems. He refused to go out in the pelting rain, the thunder scared him, but by now he seems used to it all and wants to go for his walk. I'm not so sure about that.

4. Hubby's coming back home tonight or tomorrow after many weeks away. I got a lot done and enjoyed my alone time, but by now I miss him. Lots!

5. Memory is strange, isn't it? I often forget in the present, but I remember that on this date 50 years ago, my girlfriend and I were going to a party with some foreign Princeton University students. I don't remember where they were from, I'm thinking Middle East, maybe. We, foreigners also, shocked and very upset after learning that the President had been killled, cancelled our dates. We were shocked all over again to learn that these guys were totally unaffected, very callous, almost pleased about the assassination. While I could pass judgment on that whole area and wonder if this was a preview of things to come, I will not. There's something wrong about judging everyone by the actions of a few. And, of course, those guys missed out on going to parties with Swedish girls ever again........

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  1. sounds like you might be losing height.. i went from 5'6" to 5'4" in the past two years... and i am getting rounder for sure... and droopier and much plainer that i was.
    the sad thing about that photo of the Kennedy's is Caroline is the only one still living...

  2. Hi Inger .. wonderful you had snow and rain .. well the thunder and lightning perhaps not so much .. I'd have cuddled with Samson!

    I'm afraid we all get somewhat rounder .. I'm trying to lose some of it - or keep at bay a while longer ...

    I was at school on that fateful evening (our time) .. and I was surprised to see Caroline is now Ambassador to Japan.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my recent post - it's great to know .. cheers Hilary

  3. I have lost about 1/2 inch so there is no drastic change. And for the first time ever, my jeans are wearing out.

    Samson is lucky in the winter to have his lovely thick fur, but he must suffer in the summer fiercely.

    Good reflection on Kennedy and what you saw 50 years ago.

  4. the shorter/rounder syndrome strikes again! :) cute samson, too.

  5. Oh Inger I used to tell everyone I was 5ft. I was not I was 4ft 11 and 3/4 in. Now I am 4ft 10in oh yes I am surely going in the wrong direction I am not even going to tell you the direction of my pants:)
    They sure did miss a good thing silly boys.
    It is pouring rain here in Canada snow must be coming sometime. Hi Samson:) Hug B

  6. Rounder--most definitely. When I see my doctor, he asks how tall I am NOW!!

  7. Snow at 5,000 feet? We're not at 5,000 feet, but we've got lots of snow. Much of which had to be shovelled off the walks. Such is life in this part of Canada.

    If Samson is gong to live at high elevations, he's going to need a good fur coat for the winter. His looks excellent!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  8. Je découvre ton blog avec intérêt.
    On parle aussi beaucoup de cet anniversaire de la mort par assassinat du Président Kennedy. Cela avait tellement marqué le monde. Le célébrer est une juste chose;


  9. Byxorna är säkert felmärkta :-) Vi säger så......
    Hoppas du får en fin helg med din man nu som varit borta länge. Ha en härlig helg!

  10. L heard about that huge rainstorm heading your way . . It didn't occur to me it would be the "first winter storm" - just look at that lovely snow.

    So, sometimes we get a little shorter . . . closer to the chair, in case we feel like sitting down, hm?

    Love & Love to YOU!!!

  11. Age has a way of making us shrink in height... but that bulk ends up around the waist, even if we haven't 'gained' a pound.
    I'm glad your hubby is coming home. I would enjoy a few days on my own, but after a bit I'd want him back.

  12. I know you're happy for the rain. It's sunny and pleasant here in Florida. Your memory of the assassination is very interesting. About 15-20 years ago, we had some guests from Belgium (the man was X's business associate). Their teen-age daughter told me in her halting English that "all the world was shock[ed] when President Kennedy was killed." It was many years after the event. No doubt she learned about it in a history class, or maybe even in her English class. I was impressed that she expressed such horror over the event.


  13. Snow! I miss snow. I haven't had snow in 5 years. The hubby doesn't miss shoveling it, but I really liked the work out. Is that crazy?

  14. curious - why do you enjoy men's jeans? i use to wear them but i found the crotch area was too big & very baggy to walk in. ha. ha!! could you roll them up? ( :

  15. Your memory of the middle Eastern losers (They missed out on dating YOU, didn't they?) who weren't upset by Kennedy's assassination is intriguing. At the time, it seemed like everyone everywhere mourned his death, whether they'd voted for him or not, whether they were Americans or not.

    I'm trying to pretend I'm not, but I guess I'm shrinking, too. I used to be five five, but if I say that now, my kids get hysterical. I guess that means they raise their eyebrows in disbelief. And I HAVE noticed it's harder and harder to find a pair of jeans or slacks that aren't so long they drag on the floor. Must be something different about the way they're made, right?

  16. The reason I buy men's jeans is that I, who used to be 6 feet tall, but now am, I guess around 5' 10, have always been shaped like a boy around the hips. That, combined with being so tall, makes it impossible for me to fit in women's pants or jeans. My jeans may be a little bigger here and there, but they fit so much better than women's jeans.


    just more fluffier like Samson. More of you to love...

    Have a wonderful homecoming with your hubby this weekend!!!

    XOXOXOX to the fluffy swedish goddess

  18. LOL! I'm a 33/34...and we had a few flurries earlier in the week and my dogs love being in!...:)JP

  19. So far no snow here in the valley although the mountains have gotten some. But it's COLD now for sure.
    Your dog is gorgoues.
    Yep, people shrink as they get older.
    Gosh I just never thought about what "foreigners" might have thought about that day 50 years ago. It certainly changed history didn't it.

  20. I like Feral Woman's comment that we are just getting fluffier. A much nicer idea.

  21. Many of us are in the same boat - "rembering 50 years ago, but where are my keys" stage of life.

    I am glad you are enjoying your first taste of winter. Somebody should.

  22. Wasn't the rain wonderful? Oh we needed it and lot more! But it's a good start. So glad your hubby is coming home. ox

  23. I am glad you are happy with the snow! Did you believe that I never saw snow?
    Samson is very lucky with so much fur.
    Sounds good that your Hubby's coming back home soon.
    I'm rounder...
    Did you believe that I don't like jeans and I don't have none in my wardrobe?
    I was deeply sad with Kennedy's tragedy...

  24. We have just had our first drops of snow in our mountains here in Madrid last week. It was strange because a few days before it was still pretty warm but we can dedinitely feel the change in the air and the winds are so strong at night. Samson is lucky to have such a warm coat on him! Glad you and your husband will be together again too xx Hayley-Eszti


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