Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yellow Highlights ~ Railroad Again

Waiting to make a right turn at a stop sign, I took a few pictures of men working on the railroad. As I began to drive again, making the turn, I took another picture out the side window. I had no idea if it would work, or even what I had just snapped. This is what I got and I feel lucky about the overpass structure and the yellow stripes in the road.

I'm enjoying trying for scenes other than nature and want to thank my blogger friends who like to mix it up for your inspiration. 


  1. great grab Inger and now that i think about it I don't think i have any yellow in my photos.

  2. You're developing your camera eye, Inger. The ability to see patterns (whether color, or in repetition). An overpass acts as a frame.

    As I'm a fan of trains, they never bore me. Hubs did nearly every job on the railway during his career there. Being engineer was the best!

  3. I approve and appreciate your humor, Inga!

  4. You DO have an eye for this, Inger!!

  5. I think that looks cool, Inger.


  6. Just wanted to say hello and happy thanksgiving! sandie

  7. Hi Inger, I love your header picture. THat is a cool picture of the workers

  8. Those yellow lines are more helpful than we realize, Inger. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your honey and Sampson!...:)JP

  9. Inger, I couldn't agree more with you! There is SO MUCH out there that we just don't take the time to pause and look around.
    I LOVE this shot! Nothing better than 'yellow highlights' I'd say!!

  10. More more more ~~~ we do this ALL the time, Inger ~~~ there's no way one could hang out the car window and line up a shot with the eye, so hang the camera out and start clicking. Really you can't lose, because there's bound to be one photo that sings to you.
    Then you can share it with us.


  11. Good job Inger! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Gracies sends doggie hugs to her guy Samson!

  12. Interesting photo, Inger.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings and Bear hugs!

  13. Je résultat est très intéressant comme photo, mais le procédé reste très dangereux. Prendre des photos en conduisant, en France est sévèrement puni.
    Pas vu, pas pris !




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