Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Colors In Our Mountain Town

On my way to the post office the other day, I pass by Railroad Park in the center of town. It's looking so pretty, I decide to come back after my errands are done.

It's a small and narrow park in the middle of town, with the railroad on one side and main street on the other. The water tower anchors Railroad Park at its western end. 

Along the railroad tracks, red berries grow on bushes that cover the fences. 

I hope for a train, but none comes. 

The tall trees are are magnificent, as their leaves begin to turn. I back away and take a few pictures. 

Then I just have to point my camera to the ground and hope I can convey the beauty I see there.

Of course, I can't help myself and aim upwards. But the trees are tall and so dense, the picture doesn't come out as well as I hope.

In a town where the wind constantly blows, nothing happens here. Having a patriotic moment, I stand and I wait, and wait, for the US and the California flags to fly with the wind, in unison. Nothing happens for the longest time, then our California flag, with its grizzly bear (no longer found in the state) cooperates, while the Stars and Stripes, I guess just doesn't feel it. 


  1. a place I would love to visit.. to bad the train did not come and i have noticed that flag thing before where one flies and the other doesn't.. odd. the trees are beautiful and i like that water tower.

  2. I can almost hear those leaves crunching... and smell that odor of fall. The berries are beautiful!

  3. I'd say that flag is feeling tired of this year.

    I enjoy the fall colours too, but with our last rain and windstorm, only a few are left. Our maple and sweet gum trees and our oaks turn red, yellow and orange. We have already kicked the fall leaves during our daily walk.

    Thanks for the photos!

  4. i love your town views. the water tower is really neat!

  5. Hi Inger .. I don't know if the red berries are cotoneaster, while some of the trees looked like aspen - that's what came to mind!

    Love the one-horse state of the town and the water tower anchoring both parts ...

    Love the train though .. they are so long ...

    Great photos and views - cheers Hilary

  6. Thanks for the tour!!

  7. I especially like the bushes with the red berries.


  8. What a lovely little town you have there, Inger. It looks like a friendly place.

  9. You don't see water towers like that too often!...:)JP

  10. I would love to visit, too...especially in the Fall. It looks like what Fall SHOULD look like! You took amazing photos! Enjoy your week!

  11. I love fall colors. That shot of the town is really neat with the big sky behind it. It really gives the sense of a remote western town.

  12. The colors are gorgeous, but so is that beautiful sky! What a nice surprise while out running errands. :-)

  13. Those red berries are gorgeous. It's always nice to see an unexpected splash of color. If they last through the winter, you'll appreciate them even mores.

    Sorry you didn't get to see a train. What usually works for me is to buy a bunch of groceries, and put them in my trunk. Then when I approach the railroad crossing, it happens: the lights start flashing and the bar comes down to block the crossing. Then... "Woo! Woo!" I hear the train approaching. Works every time. The more frozen stuff I have in the trunk, the longer the train will be.

  14. Your photos are lovely, Inger. In my mind's ear I could hear the train coming. When I was a kid, I wondered where trains went -- a magic place, I thought, like where you live.

    I've also waited for flags to fly in unison and wondered why it didn't happen . . .

  15. So Beautiful -
    makes me a little homesick - and a lot happy that you are there - and are willing to share with us.

  16. Love the fall colours! The red berries that cover the fences are gorgeous and the ground with many leaves are just beautiful!
    Thanks for this lovely walking.

  17. Gorgeous photos and colours, I love the change of colours of the trees and leaves


    so beautiful...



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