Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Update Post

Before I say anything about our wind storm here, let me express my sympathy for those of you affected by the recent tornadoes. I'm pretty sure I could never live in those parts of the country, it is just so destructive. I live in an area where several wind systems converge and sometimes we do get some pretty scary big wind storms. We are under wind advisory right now, I believe the gusts are around 60 mph.

When winds are from the west like today, they stir up the sand at the donkey rescue and blow it all over the canyon. I'm glad donkeys are such tough animals because they are eating a lot of sand right now, not to speak of sand in eyes and ears. My husband and I are both feeling better, but not well. I have a persistent cough and will see my doctor next week if I'm not better. Tomorrow we are going to try to go to town and pick up some more OTC medicines and other stuff I have been longing for while sick, like club soda. Some bubbly stuff for my stomach. I hope the wind subsides by then. 

I  have some plans for my blog for the month of March. If I can keep my mouth and pen shut long enough, I would like to turn my blog into a photo blog for most of the month. Very  few words, just pictures, old and new. That way I will have more time to visit your blogs, discover who my new followers are, and getting caught up on all the wonderful blogs out there. 

That way I can also have some time to prepare for April's A to Z Challenge, a time where I will post every day, except Sundays. I have already begun to write some stories and ideas down. Last year, some bloggers had themes. Mine was Desert Canyon Living. This year, my theme is Swedish Rhapsody and I'll be writing about the country of my birth and all things Swedish from trolls to coffeecake.

Finally, I'm one of those bloggers who loves to leave comments, I find it's a great way to get to know people and perhaps even become blogger friends. Thanks to the double word verification mess, I will no longer leave comments on your blog if you decide to keep this feature. I will read your blog, but I will not leave a comment. I did away with my word verification over a year ago, as did most of my blogger friends. I have not had a single problem! Spam picks up all Anonymous comments, all comments in languages, such as Greek and Russian, where the alphabet is different. If you are concerned you could keep the option to approve all comments before posting them to you blog. 


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