Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blogger Trouble and an Update

I spent time writing what I think was a pretty nice post that I was going to post today. But Blogger wouldn't let me! As I was doing a final edit, a warning appeared, stating that my changes were not being saved. Additionally, I was unable to preview the post. It wouldn't load, it said. Try again, it said. So I did for a few times, but patience being the one virtue I have still not learned, I decided to move on. So here I am, with not a single idea of what to say. Maybe I should ask if anyone else has had this problem. Feedback will be appreciated.

The first two pictures are from our walks yesterday morning. The last one is an evening picture. Not the best, but I wanted to see if they would load and they did. Maybe I could let you know what I've seen around here when I didn't have my camera. The cutest thing was the other day, when Soldier and I came home from our walk and a covey of quail came running across the road. There were over 50 chicks, probably closer to 75, and they were probably on one of their very first outings, that's how small they were. Several sets of parent accompanied them. In order to not panic them further, I stopped and just watched them all stream across the road into the juniper trees. 

I also saw a young deer, only one, running across a hillside the other morning. And many, many rabbits. This is the best rabbit year we've had since we got the place seven years ago. Yesterday evening, I saw two rabbits play fighting, hopping over each other, and rolling around. I took some pictures, but didn't catch much of their play. 
Other than that, I am done purging my books. Aww, that's sooo difficult! I hate getting rid of books, but had to harden my heart and just do it. I donated them to the library and a thrift store that supports the homeless in Bakersfield. I still don't have room for my new books, I guess I should get a Kindle, but I'm not sure.....It would solve that problem, of course.

The dogs are OK. Soldier is showing more signs of his age. He is twelve this year. His hind legs don't look good to me and I give him a pain pill every night now. But he's hanging in there. He walks for half an hour every morning, he just points his nose in the direction of the mailboxes and puts one paw in front of the other and marches on. He is an inspiration to me.

Samson is looking like a junk yard dog, thanks to my raking, pulling fur, and brushing him. I thought he was going to come out looking pretty, but right now he just looks funny! And skinny! I got rid of lots of fur, but we aren't done yet. I will post more pictures soon. Right now, I just laugh when I look at him. Discreetly, of course, so he won't know. 

It's getting hot here too now. It's in the upper 90s in the canyon, a bit cooler in town. Tomorrow we're going to a birthday party for our nephew, who is 37! We will celebrate July 4th with his family up here in our town. So no long drive, which is great!

Hope everyone has a nice fourth of July!


  1. sweet soldier... i hate this part of pet parenting - watching them age when you want to keep them forever.

    i bet samson is glad for your raking. :)

    i've not had the blogger problem you described. fingers crossed, i won't. :)

    enjoy your 4th, inger!

  2. p.s. love these lovely fence-in-front scenes!

  3. I occasionally have issues with my blogger posts

    it has more to do with my internet connection in this old building that with blogger.

    It sometimes take 2 hours to build a post and find if I just have patience things will come right

    Blogger should be automatically saving your post. If not I find that making periodic "save" helps assure that a long post will survive in the edit (pending)mode.

    I have really fallen off in y posting and wish I could figure out what the issue with my spirit is.

  4. Awe - - Samson is getting older ? I guess we all do.
    Samson is not a Junk Yard personality. His fur is too precious.

    Yeh I have had problems saving my drafts, only since blogger has changes my dashboard. Also my reading list sometimes just disappears.

  5. A happy 4th to you & your family!!

  6. When I get that message, I close the draft and exit all the way out of blogger. I close my browser and wait a few minutes before launching it again. Then I go back to Blogger. I don't usually lose much since it auto-saves as you go along. For some reason, it happens most often when I am loading a photo.

  7. The pictures are great. But the stories of the quail, bunnies, and deer are awesome. I hope you have a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow.

  8. Happy 4th, Inger.
    Soldier is an inspiration to me too. His name fits him.

  9. Your pictures are great and really convey the beauty of where you live.

    Most of my blogger problems are more to do with problems with my broadband connection. Overall that doesn't happen very often.

    I highly recommend the Kindle. I love mine and use it all the time -- but there are some books that I prefer to have a 'hard' copy of -- especially those were you might want to refer back and forth. I have thousands of books and having two houses didn't help as it was an excuse for not getting rid of books just spreading them out! The joy of the Kindle is that if you remove books from it, you still retain a copy on Amazon. I have a 3G/broadband Kindle which allows me to buy books from the French house which allows me to buy books without an Internet connection!

    I am trying to imagine those quail chicks in such numbers -- sounds just awesome!

  10. Mighty is on daily pain pills also. We do what we can to make them comfortable.
    Do bite the bullet with the Kindle. I have over 230 books sitting on my night stand right now in a tidy 5x7, thin bundle. All the joy of reading, none of the clutter.

  11. Samson does look a lot thinner. but still very handsome, tell him I said so. you know i love Soldier because he is Max to us. I just added up the years for Max and he was almost 15, his last 3 years he gritted his teeth and soldiered on, just like Soldier. the last year, bob picked him up and put him on sofa, bed or in the truck. like Tex said, so sad to watch them age.
    if i could spend an hour or two in that one spot in your header, i would fill my new memory card and it holds 4000 plus pics.

  12. Thanks for your wonderful and helpful comments. 230 books on Kindle sounds so tempting. I closed my entire computer down to try to get rid of the problem I had to no avail. I hope it is gone by now. Sandra, I wish you could come and visit with Soldier. He would love you.

  13. Dear Inger, I haven't had that problem with Blogger. I don't compose on Blogger. Instead, I write my posting on Word and then edit and polish there as well.

    Then I copy it and paste it into the blogger space and do the linking, etc.

    Thanks for the update on Soldier and Samson. I'm so glad that you are blessed with their presence. Peace.

  14. I've been having trouble with blogger ever since Google came on the scene. But I also have an old laptop with Vista on it, so I think that's most of the problem.

    Have fun at the party and I still think your dogs are so handsome. :)

  15. I've had a couple problems with that stupid message saying there's been a problem with saving a post I'm working on, but so far, have been able to get around it by manually hitting the "save" button. The biggest annoyance I've encountered from time to time is with posting pictures. Instead of a picture showing up where I want it to be, the darned thing pops up at the very beginning of the post, and I have to manually copy the image and paste it where I want it. Sometimes multiple times. Then when I go back to the text, it wants to start in the middle of the page rather than on the left side, where it belongs. Aggravating as heck. Oh, and I also recommend a Kindle. I still have a bazillion "real" books, but I LOVE my Kindle. Hope you're having a wonderful 4th.

  16. 'A covey of quail'! Love it!
    Your area is full of wild life, Inger.
    A Kindle sounds like a good idea for you.
    The dogs look great too and poor Samson...I wonder if they itch when they shed/molt?
    Thanks for dropping by yesterday!

  17. having blogspot post trouble? I had it too, since yesterday, and it getting worse. I post nothing and yet, i just watched my blog without do anything. It sucks!


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