Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Pictures and an Update

Thank you for all your comments, your caring words, and your concern for our well-being. Again, I am touched by the bloggy world and all you wonderful caring people that I have met through it.

This morning, I went to our Diabetes Support Group meeting, where we talked about the complications of this disease. Unfortunately, diabetes complications involves just about every part of the body. Most people know about blindness and nerve damage to feet and legs, but did you know even your nose can be subject to nerve damage? Not only can you go blind, you can also become deaf. Heart disease, sexual problems, kidney failure, stomach issues, depression and on and on. 
Unfortunately, many people with the most common form of diabetes, type 2, are diagnosed too late and complications have already, or will soon, set in. I feel lucky, if that's the right word, to have type 1, because I got diagnosed right away and started on insulin as soon as I had the first symptoms, which are severe with type 1. I'm sure that's one reason I'm doing well and have no complications after 22 years. My control has been up and down, but I am very vigilant and that may be another reason. So please make sure you are tested for this disease, which is now so very common. 
Sorry to be lecturing, but every time I go to the meetings, I hear about new problems that people have and I just have to spread the word as best I can.

Driving back home, I noticed that all wind turbines were off, even those on the other side of the highway, where it didn't burn. And at the exit, all these Edison (electric company) trucks were gathered. I'm sure they will have their work cut out for them in the coming months.

We are just fine, but I'm beginning to feel really tired now. The temperature here is 90 F today, so it was really wonderful that it was cloudy and much cooler yesterday. That alone, must have made a huge difference in putting out the fire. On TV last night they said it was 50% contained and full containment was expected today. I still saw small fires and spirals of smoke in the mountains.

After I was in the canyon, I stopped and got out of the car to take a few pictures of the damage and these two fire trucks, hiding in the bushes. There were still many fire trucks in the canyon, checking on flare ups, I imagine.

I had read some years ago that there are certain water spots in the canyon where helicopters can go and replenish their water. But I had no idea where these places were located. Then, as I stood there, a helicopter came and headed down with its water thing hanging below.

Since there are some buildings at this spot, I was pretty sure it was getting water there. And it did. I thought it was a lot of fun to watch and capture this with my camera. I tend to get excited about stuff like this. Hope you can see the blue helicopter hovering in the middle of the picture.

After it was done, it rose again over the buildings and the burnt out fields.

Looking small against the mountain, it flew higher and higher.

Until it crossed over the ridge and disappeared. 

So, to recap, I am tired, but fine. My hubby is still in his pajamas, so he's tired too. Other than that, all is well in our part of the canyon. The dogs are fed and we're having leftover stuffed bell peppers for dinner, so no one has to cook. Life is back to normal in other words.


  1. i am glad there are still lots of firefighting presence there. the scorched earth is enough to instill worry. glad you are all home and safe.

  2. Staying in PJ's is my idea of a good day... but I rarely do it as I almost always have to go out to do something!
    When my boys were little I used to take them to see all kinds of machines in operation. I always got a kick out of seeing the machines, and I think it was fun for my boys, too. They would have loved to have seen the helicopter.
    We are on one side of flight paths to two different airports. My brother visited and spent about and hour watching planes going by. I guess boys never grow up!

  3. Dear Inger, thank you for the update and for the assurances that all is well with your family of husband and canines.

    I"ve read that diabetes is becoming an epidemic in our country. That must be Diabete 2 as you explained it in your posting. I need to goggle it to see if I have any symptoms.

    Please continue to take care of yourself. You are dear to many of us. Peace.

  4. i'm glad to know that things are more or less back to order at your place. It was a nasty scare, and isn't entirely over, but things seem better from your pictures an story.

  5. I'm glad things are back to normal. Its hot here today as well -- in the 90s.

  6. My husband has Type 2 diabetes, and it is a struggle to make him realize how serious this is. God bless you and your hubby.

  7. So glad you both are doing good. Fires are something else,they have a mind of their own. We had a one out back of here a couple of years ago.Thank goodness the fire department was johnny on the spot and put it out fast. It was my first fire like that and I ended up taking an extra dose of my I got better then and didn't panic!(you have to read my blog on that)

  8. Dear Inger, I am so happy to hear you are OK. I loved these pics,thanks for sharing!

  9. I has nevers known helicopters gotted water likes dat! OMD, dat is neat to watch. Geez, I learn sumptin' new everyday.
    I am so glad everything is gettin' back to normals and da fires will be contained shortly.
    My mum has done been tested fur far so good. Her grandma had diabetes and had to have her legs amputated cuz of it. So, mum takes it very seriously.


  10. Thank you for the update. I have been thinking about you two. That's just too much excitement! Our area had severe thunderstorms for hours last night. Much lightening and high winds causing tree damage. Bad enough, but not as bad as fires.

  11. Of natural disasters, only tornadoes scare me more than fires. And after seeing how this area burns, I feel less afraid. All these wonderful firemen, somehow did not appear in such great numbers in my fear scenarios. To see them here really helped. Also, you usually see large trees and forests burning on TV, like in Colorado and Montana. While the brush burnt fiercely, it is still not the same as being caught in a forest fire. Thanks for your comments. Puddles, I'm glad your mom keeps checking on her sugars.

  12. Oh Inger I am so glad all is back to your normal. It is a very good thing that you share your experience with diabetes as I know many who have had it and unfortunately died with complications with it. Knowledge is a very good thing. Early detection is the key you are right. B

  13. i am not back to blogging but am slowling scrolling through some of my favorites and i came to check on you. i am so sorry to hear about the fire, i missed all this while sick. glad you are ok, you and your hubby and home and pets. and my mother died from diabetes, it is common in our family. she had almost all the things you mentioned in your post, all the complications. she died in 1990. she had nuroepothy, can't spell it and did lose her sight also. i a glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, she did not, for many years nor did her sister. i do not have it but treat myself like i do, she and her sister and my grandmother all died at age 63, i am now 8 weeks away from 68 and have managed to fend it off by exercise and food. keep fighting the fight. i have missed you.


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