Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thank You For Your Visits and Comments

Thank you all kind animal lovers who read my post for Be the Change for Animals. I knew without a doubt that every one of my blogger friends is also a great friends of animals. I was in a panic because I was so late in writing the post. I had no idea what to write. Then Soldier's story came to me and he pretty much told it from the pictures.

Rosalind Adams, a blogger friend from the UK, just commented that she couldn't look at Soldier's picture because he looked so much like a dog she lost two years ago. And Madsnapper Sandra has told me that Soldier reminds her so much of Max, a dog she and her husband had some years ago, and who was one of the great loves of their lives.

Years ago, I read somewhere that most of the dogs, the strays, the dogs in developing countries, in poor neighborhoods, and so on, are this kind of yellowish color. And ever since then I wanted a yellow dog. I think the average stray is somewhat shorter than Soldier and Soldier has a beautiful red color in the sun, but other than that.....

 Samson ~ Lapdog in training.

I am so glad to have Soldier in my life. He is the sweetest dog with women. When he could jump, he usually ended up in the lap of any visiting woman friend of mine. And of all the dogs I have lived with, he's about the only one who is a true lap dog. Who loves to snuggle and be petted. None of my other dogs really cared for that kind of nonsense. I'm working on Samson though.

Thank you so much everyone and have a nice evening. 


  1. samson's face photo is too darn cute! and your sunset is beautiful. :)

  2. Copper as you know was rejected by 4 families before we found him. Although he is more of a reddish tan, he has been a good boy just as Moon, a pup dumped in the mountains has been devoted like your Soldier and many other dogs. Now Sampson, the "lapdog in training" is one of a kind!!!! LOL!!!!!.:)JP

  3. Gracie is in love with that last picture of Samson! Dreamy eyes!!

  4. Awesome Samson. One look like that, and I'm sure I would want to take him, were he not receiving such excellent care at your home. Seems a bit big for a lapdog-in-training, but, well, one never knows.

  5. I want to write a post about Emma, a 75-pound lap dog, but I don't know if I could see through the tears to do it.


  6. Samson är ju för söt. Härlig solnedgång du fick på bild. Vi har varmt denna veckan, rekord i Lund i veckan 30,5 gr. Hoppas nu det håller i sig då man bara har en vecka kvar att jobba , sedan 4 v ledigt. Hoppas allt regnvatten försvinner i skogen så mina kantarellställen kommer fram. Skall komma regn lör/sön natt igen.

  7. i have a soft spot for Soldier because of max, but tell Samson I love him to and he is Very Handsome. I have always loved yellow dogs, and Baby is that color, but Jake is brindle and he is the love of our lives. hope you dont get crushed from 2 lap dogs. Jake is our cuddler, baby likes it but only once in a while.

  8. Such a beautiful dog. I can see so much in his eyes.

  9. Dear Inger, from that last photo, I think that Samson likes to look into your eyes better than to sit on your lap. He's a star gazer! Peace.

  10. You take wonderful pics!


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