Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Samson!!

Samson is 3 today! Happy Birthday to you, my dear boy. You know mommy loves you so much, she has to post a parade of pictures of you since you came up here for the first time. 

When You Were Little


Playing and Fooling Around

Your First Howl


Loving Your Angel


Mommy's Favorite Picture

Now, Samson, that you are three, your terrible twos are over and you are a grown up dog. Angel taught you well, you are very protective of us and that's good. You are enjoying becoming a hunting dog and as long as you stay away from rattle snakes, that's OK. You are a very intelligent dog, which should make it easy to teach you how to behave, but then you have one of the hardest heads of any dog that has ever lived with me, so at times you test my patience. We have to work on that. Happy Birthday, dear Samson, mommy, daddy, and Soldier love you very much.


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