Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Avocados in the Living Room?

Samson Says: to himself...Oophs, here they come, I hope they won't notice. I'm running outside......

Mommy: Oh, no! Honey, your avocados are on the living room floor. I have to have a talk with Samson. He's not a puppy, he should know better. 

Samson! Come in here this minute! 

Mommy: What's this on the floor? 
Samson: Don't know.
Mommy: Yes, you do know.
Samson: Do not.
Mommy: These were on the kitchen counter, how did they get here?
Samson: Fell off, maybe?

Mommy: Samson, you're a BAD dog! Who brought the avocados in here?

Samson: Gracie 2 did it. 

Mommy: Don't blame Gracie 2, you know she has no teeth. And what's that I see?
Samson: Teeth marks? 
Mommy: That's right and whose teeth might that be?
Samson: Soldier's!
Mommy: OK, this is it. You know Soldier was in the bedroom with the door closed. So those are yours, aren't they? You got bored, went in the kitchen, jumped on the counter and dragged the avocado bag all the way in here. Right? You are a BAD dog!

Samson: Sorry mommy. They looked just like my tennis balls.
Mommy: A likely story. I forgive you, but you must stop acting like a puppy now that you're grown up, OK.
Samson: OK. to himself...a dog can never have any fun around here. Initiative like mine should be encouraged, don't you think?

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Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


  1. Samson you and Keeper must be related.. We have had this same type discussion a couple times now with Keeper for counter surfing LOL.

  2. LOL, Inger so much that now I have to go to the little girl's room!!!...:)JP

  3. They do always act so innocent don't they?

  4. LOL! Samson just wants to have a little fun!

  5. What's a bored puppy to do? Look for tennis balls, of course! And those looked like tennis balls (OK, more or less; in fact, more less than more.)

    The important thing is that your both survived. As did the avocados, as far as I can see.

    Another "learning experience." Sigh!

  6. Samson, it's not your fault! I can't resist avocados, either!!

  7. What a cute post! I loved it!

  8. It's hard for a dog to make guacamole. At least he knows a nutritious snack when he smells one.

  9. Don't worry, Samson. You're so cute your Mama won't stay mad for long.

  10. You should tell your mommy that grown ups are allowed to some fun, too, and they do silly things all the time:)

  11. Jake and Baby said to tell Samson he was a really good dog. all he did was drag them in the living room. guess what happens when dogs EAT avacodoes? jake and baby say it starts with a D and makes a big mess... did you guess?
    we have an avocado tree in the back yard, when they fall on the ground Mommy does Avacod Patrol and if she misses one us Bad Dogs Eat them and mommy says ugly things to us

  12. Oh, Jake and Baby, I'm so glad Samson didn't eat them. Since he was in the vet hospital with pancreatitis (sp?) he is not allowed to eat anything but the same boring old dog food. Or the big D arrives. You better be good dogs and leave those avocados alone. And I will make sure nothing is within reach on the counters when we go to Los Angeles tomorrow.

  13. LOL! Samson, you tried! But your Mommy is a 'smart cookie' by the sounds of things and you would be smart yourself if you knew that.

    Inger, does he like avocados? Hm-m-m, maybe Sophie would give them a try...you know how they get 'dark' so easily but are still good, maybe?

  14. Poor Samson! I too hate to be bored and/or waiting (that's usually when I'm bored). I usually pull out crossword puzzles from my purse to occupy my mind... Sorry, Samson, 'fraid that won't work for you. Doggies smart as you need a lot of stimulation and occupation. Wish I could send you a new toy.

  15. Thanks for a good laugh Inger. Poor Samson it's hard being a dog.

  16. Samson - you are very precious!

  17. Ha ha vilket härligt inlägg...Samson är ju kul ju...bättre avocados än Tyra framförallt som gräver och fångar möss som ligger här o där i trädgården ...
    Två dagar kvar trallalalla la...fint väder ska det bli med

  18. Inger-my other two dogs I had used to get the potatoes out of the bin in the kitchen.My female rottie started it and my male mix rottie finished it.I couldn't get on to one without getting on to the other.Nothing like coming home to find pieces of raw potatoes chewed all over the floor.

  19. Samson is NOT a bad dog. His people are bad because they left out things where they aren't supposed to be. So there!

    Janie, who is totally on Samson's side

  20. Love this tale and such a look of guilt in that close up. Evidently he did not like the taste for he just played with them.
    Next time Samson, don't leave your DNA.

  21. Avocados? Now I've heard everything! Samson is the only avocado-snitching dog I know! Actually, he must have quite a soft mouth if those were the only marks in them! What a cute dog!

  22. Just found your blog! Photographs and commentary are great.

  23. Dear Inger, Samson is so sweet, it must be hard to try and discipline him. I try with Maggie and she's finally learned that no means to cease kneading the knitted coverlet on the bed. But oh, the word "no" is a foreign entity to her at other times! Peace.

  24. i am ROFL right now, Jake would do the same thing, i know to keep it way back against the wall. i was floating in the pool just before daylight a couple days ago, and i saw Jake come around the corner with a 2 pound avocado in his mouth, we have a tree that drops them. we have to do avocato patrol because he will eat the whole thing. i said drop it buddy and he did and he looked guilty just like you


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