Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Samson Says: Happy New Year Everyone

and let me tell you what we got for Christmas!!

Someone called auntie Judy sent mommy a big box full of books and other things, doing me no good. But what I didn't know until Christmas morning: There were many BIG chewy bones in there too. So I take back what I thought at first of this human called auntie Judy. She's more than all right with me now. 

I went to work right away ~ see how I got a good grip on the bone.

I chewed and I chewed until bells of happiness went off inside my head. 

And finally, there it was, the pure heavenly rawhide! Can you see how I concentrate here?

Soldier got him a bone too, but he's so silly, see how he's approaching it slowly, biting off the good stuff one little bit at a time. Dainty like a girl.

Open wide! Soldier has no front teeth, so his bone has to go in the back. Looks like he's struggling a bit here.

Chewing away! Mouth open, like he's at the dentist.

Here he's hugging and kissing his bone. That silly boy sure isn't going at his bone like I did mine.

After I got tired of chewing on my bone, I tried to bury it in the couch. But mommy said ~ Samson, you know better than that ~ and I was let outside with my bone. Where I tried to dig a hole. Guess what, strong as I am, I couldn't dig a hole. The ground wouldn't give, I tried and tried to no avail. I don't know what's happened here, but the earth is hard as a rock.

Then I spied the big pot that held daddy's tomato plant last summer. It was full of soft black dirt. Ah, the perfect place to bury my bone! I was sure Soldier wouldn't find it there. 

But something gave me away, because as soon as Soldier was let outside and me inside, he found the bone. Thinking he was slick, he hid it in a hole under a rock by the fence, but it stuck halfway out. So I found his spot, buried MY bone again, then he found my spot, buried MY bone again. That's how it went, all day long. Wonder what happened to HIS bone?!! By the end of the day, both bones had disappeared even though we weren't done with them. Humans........

Aha! Inside the house again, I see something I forgot in my bone frenzy.....
A tennis ball that auntie Rachael gave me. 

Since mommy doesn't know how to video me (I know, she doesn't know much), you just have to take my word for it: I can dribble a tennis ball like no dog you ever seen before. Almost as good as Michael Jordan, says daddy. Who that is, I don't know, but he must be good. Probably a human sports figure, daddy has a thing for them.........

At the end of the day I must say we had the best Christmas ever!! 

From Soldier and me: Thank you mommy and daddy for all the cookies and presents we got.Thank you to our human aunties for the bones and tennis balls. Thank you everyone, for all your Christmas cards and greetings. 

From me: Dear Gracie, may your new year be sweet with cookies, tummy rubs, and lots of love. xoxoxo, your Samson.

~ Happy New Year Everyone ~ 
from all of us here in the canyon

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup Dog


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