Friday, June 7, 2013

Awards, An Update on the Dogs & Me, Springtime in the Canyon


I will never forget my first blogger Award. I was so thrilled and, since I was new to blogging, those early awards helped me feel more confident.  After a few years, I decided to simplify my blogging experience, and making my blog award free was a part of that.  

I recently got two new Awards, and though I can't accept them, it feels great to be appreciated by other bloggers. So I want to acknowledge the three friends who thought of me here. 

First: Janie Junebug ~ Mom to Franklin the dog, film reviewer, writer, editor, grammar police, and all around loyal comment writer and wonderful blogger friend. Please check Janie's blog out here. Thank you Janie for thinking of me.

Juliet Bond and Regina Gort share a very special blog called City Muse Country Muse, which I was fortunate to discover during the latest A to Z Challenge. During the Challenge, they posted an original poem for each letter, each day! A sort of challenge within the challenge, to say the least. Their poems, as well as the guest poems they post, are thought-provoking, sometimes stunning, and always very, very good. There are many other fun things going on over at their blog, which you can check out here. Thank you Juliet and Regina for the award.


Samson is doing very well. He was thrilled that you  missed him and we are now discussing his next post. 



Poor Soldier has been really sick to his stomach. Poor me, I have cleaned up after him, middle of the night, and so on ~ I will spare you the details. Of course his vet was on vacation, but I had a really informative discussion with a vet tech and learned some about the digestive systems of dogs. For example: You don't have to worry until about day four or so of zero poop after a diarrhea episode. Soldier was on day 3 1/2, and I was freaking out, when the long awaited poop finally arrived. At her suggestion, I also bought some probiotics for the dogs. Soldier is doing OK now. 


I am feeling the best I have felt in the past three years. I walk the dogs early every morning. Samson and I walk around the barn as fast as I can manage, counting laps like true athletes. I'm getting pretty fast, tearing around there, while Samson is getting bored with walking in a circle, and is now picking up on how much fun it is to come to a dead stop right in front of me. I swear he's laughing. But he's gained even more weight, so I tell him this is something we both have to do. 

A work in progress

While my husband is washing down walls, cleaning blinds, windows, and really deep-cleaning the whole house, I'm dusting books and not moving nearly as fast as he. But my bookcases are getting filled now and will soon be done. After that I need to wash my fine china, and, I won't polish my silver, no one comes here to eat with silver, but I will wash the stuff before I put it back in the china cabinet.

Springtime in the Canyon:

As far as springtime in the canyon goes, well that's simple: We haven't had any. It looks like above, bone dry and boring. A little scary too. High winds for weeks, fire hazard already high. One day there was so much smoke from that fire north of Los Angeles, about 50 miles away from here, that I had to stay indoors. I couldn't see the mountains, it was that thick. And I couldn't even take the laundry off the line, it was so difficult to breathe. Record heat is expected for the weekend. But still, I'm glad I don't live where there are tornadoes and worry about my blogger friends who do. 

Spring 2011

Same field, spring 2013

This was our front yard. We had to clear it for fire safety by  June 15 every year, but it would always grow back the following spring. There is nothing but dirt there now.

Different colored flowers would appear each year here in our back yard. Up on the mountain, there were fields upon fields  of all sorts of beautiful spring flowers. Nothing this year. And not a single bloom on our lilac bush. 

I'm beginning to worry about the hundreds, if not thousands, of juniper trees on our property. Maybe I don't need to worry since they have survive for hundreds of years, but some of them are beginning to look a bit worse for wear. 

At least we still get beautiful sunsets here.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. i hate the heat wave and drought you're having! but SO happy you are feeling good! your tale of samson stopping to trip you up made me smile. pups! so glad soldier is back to normal again!

    thanks for the catch-up and really nice friends to think of you!

  2. I'm so glad you feel well. That's great news.


  3. I'm glad you are feeling okay, but it sure does look dry there. sandie

  4. I love your new header! How nice it would be to sit on that pile of rocks and enjoy the view!

    We are having a strange year this year as well.

    I noticed that Samson is getting a little "fluffier" than usual. Jack and Jill are now on Healthy Weight Benefull. Jill got a little too chunky and I worried about her hips.

    Enjoy your walking and more power to you!

  5. Keep on moving!! And thanks for introducing me to City Muse Country Muse--I am now a follower!!

  6. I hope you get some sweet June showers, you land looks very parched. We would love some June showers here too. Nice you are enjoying walks with your dog, and I smiled when I read how he enjoys tripping you.

  7. Your pictures of spring then and now are striking. How scary.
    I am so glad that you are feeling so good. Hooray for you!
    I hope Soldier continues to improve, and I can't wait to read Samson's next blog!

  8. Hello Inger! I've so loved being able to catch up on your blog this evening. CONGRATS on the awards! I know what you mean about them, and I like to get them because they help when I get 'blog writers block' and can use them on a post when I have nothing to tell about.

    I'm glad things are going well. We're good here, rain from tropical storm Andrea, and I'm not complaining, I worry there may not be any down the road.

    Take care of yourself and hugs to your pups too! :-)

  9. take care it's going to be a hot, hot, hot one this weekend.

  10. Samson and Soldier look great.. and the excericise is great for both of you. it is boring going in circles. i call my walk around the pool my bitter pill to take.
    the photo in your header is stunning. could we have some info on it and where it is? i love that photo. glad you are feeling better and the drought is really scary... it is very obvious how much you need water there from the different years.

  11. I took the picture when we had our picnic at Stallion Springs to the west of where we live. That path winds its way around the lake.

  12. I love all of the pictures. Congrats on the awards. Sorry Soldier has not been feeling well, praying for him. Glad you are feeling so well.

  13. What a surprise to see the lead in photo changed - poppies remembered - but gone - GREAT Photo.

    It's so good to know you and your pupsters are better . . .

    And - all these earth changes - i wonder if it's a cycle - or a true change . . . guess we'll just get to watch and see . . hm.
    love & love,

  14. So different from here Inger where we are so wet and moist most of the time. I wouldn't know what 'dry' felt like!
    Good to see that Samson is doing fine and Soldier is getting along well considering his health.

    Hope you get some much needed rain!And soon!

  15. Hi Inger .. beautiful shots and those comparisons are a little worrying aren't they. The drought is not good news, and those fires are even worse ...

    So glad Samson is happy .. and also that you've mastered Soldier's problem for the time being .. sounds as though the dogs keep you busy!

    Deep cleaning the house - please when you've finished pop on over here!! Gosh that will be a major achievement ..

    Happy relaxation ... cheers Hilary

  16. Those comparison pictures are eye openers. I have always said I can be standing in knee deep water in my front yard in the rain and not complain. Droughts scare the pee out of me. I remember the year Florida was in flames. Hope you get some relief soon.

  17. I have been wondering how close you are to those wildfires. Scary stuff.

    Glad the kids and you are doing well. If it would stop raining, I'd try to get a walk in myself.

    Have a lovely Sunday Inger. xo

  18. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling well! I hope Soldier is 100% soon. So sorry it's so dry already.

  19. So glad to hear and you are feeling so well! I cannot believe how very dry it looks in your area.

  20. I am glad to see Soldier is still being a trooper, sorry about his tummy upset. I had been wondering how he was doing. Of course Samson looks beautiful as always. Great to hear you are feeling so well. Gorgeous sunsets!


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