Monday, June 10, 2013

Samson Says: My Life As A Big Dog

Hello everyone, do you want to know what I do every day? I don't eat, that's for sure. Last month when I went to the nice vet, I weighed so much it's a state secret, but it made mommy argue with the lady and the scale, both. "Must be something wrong, he's leaning into the wall, he's not sitting still, he's on a diet," she argued, I was embarrassed at her. Little did she know that while she's had me on a diet, daddy felt sorry for me and kept giving me dog biscuits! 

When she found the empty biscuit box, she had a fit! Smoke was coming out her ears, and I had to go and hide. I don't like arguments at our house. So now we get up early and instead of hiking in the hills, we walk/run around in a big circle around the barn. We start here.

Round and round we go. "You must lose 10 pounds," she says. "You are at risk for diabetes, it's in your breed, and you have this other illness already, so we have to work out." - -Blah, blah, blah.......

See here we're at the other end. Round and round and mommy is getting pretty good, keeping up the speed. We do 10 laps, it's called laps, and mommy says we need to work up to 20 first and then see how it goes. 

It's fun at first, we always scare up all the little rabbit babies. They are terrified of me! One morning, we saw a mommy quail with a whole lot of little quail babies. They were tiny and mommy thought they were so cute. I was thinking food supplements. But then it gets boring, so I play the game of walking fast, like a good dog, then jumping in front of mommy's legs and coming to a dead stop. Heh, heh, heh!

After we get home, Soldier gets his walk, then we eat our breakfast. After that I play with Gracie 2. She needs a bath real bad, but you know who is not giving her one, so I have to lick her clean. 

After I rest, I need to go outside and, if I'm lucky, a stupid lizard will sit on the fence. They do that and that's why the are called Fence Lizards. I chase them and sometimes I get them....

but this time the lizard got away. 

Later in the day it gets hot, so I sit in my chair in front of the fan and dream of the Siberian tundra. See, that's where I'm from, well not me, I'm from Lake Elsinore, but my breed. 

You would think if someone got a dog like me while living in the desert, the least you could expect is for them to have some airconditioning! 

After I cool off, it's time to play with the magic chair. I sit on it, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, the bottom jumps up at me. It's a bit disconcerting (see, I bet you didn't think I knew a long word like that, but mommy reads a lot and I like to chew on her books ~ I learn a lot that way). I figured out I can step to the side and get off the magic chair that way.

By now it's afternoon and I'm hungry again. Since daddy and me got busted with the biscuits, there's nothing else for me to do than to go lay down on the nice new slate tile that daddy installed and hope dinnertime isn't too far away. 

It's so cool and nice, I love to sleep here in my corner. You can see our new carpet here too. Those are not spots, it's just the way it looks. It's very pretty and no one has made a mess on it. Yet!

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Dog.


  1. Oh Samson, you are a love. And bad Daddy! It's all his fault.

    Love you! xo

  2. i enjoyed every word of your story, so entertaining. and i thought of one excuse Mommy did not give at the vets office. she forgot to say you have so much fur, it's ALL fur... diets are horrible, human or canine.. i can relate, i am bigger than you and need someone to keep my biscuits away from me. keep up the good walking..

  3. Gypsy here, I understand that diet thing. I lost 10 pounds over the last year. I am at the point where the vet doctor says I can't lose any more - hah! I get to have treats now and then! Your time will come, too. I play a lot with Tucker instead of walking around the barn.
    Your day sounds dreamy. I would love to have a chair to sit in... with a fan, even ! How lucky! The slate floor looks really inviting on a hot afternoon. Lovely! It was nice to read your blog post.

  4. Enjoyed this post and you are surely a beautiful doggie!

  5. Samson,
    I'm glad you have a nice place by the fan to cool off. And your mom is right you should lay off the biscuits.

  6. Oh Samson good luck on the diet, you don't want diabetes, if you play ball that is good exercise but I think walking is the best, that way mommy gets her exercise too. I agree with all that fur there are a couple pounds there. Stay cool, going to be a long hot summer. Maybe a haircut would help with the heat and lower the numbers on the scale.

  7. Dear Samson,
    I can so relate! My Mom is constantly fussing about how much I weigh. Sometimes she refers to me as "Chubby", and has me on diet dog food. Daddy give me treats when I sing or do other tricks and she gets so upset. At least he doesn't pay attention to her! (Grin) But I don't like being fat. I chase cars as far as my collar fence will allow, but it doesn't seem to help. I know your pain.

  8. Oh Samson you are such a great storyteller and I can just see you sneaking those biscuits. Busted too bad but it is truly the best thing for you. Have a great day Samson round and round:) B

  9. Samson Says: Thanks for all these comments already! Now maybe mommy will let me blog more often, seeing how popular I am and all.

    I will get my fur trimmed in the beginning of July. Last year I had it in May and it was too soon. No one expected all this heat in June. But it's cooler today, so I'm OK!

  10. oh, the tile corner is SO nice! my pups like the tile floor, too!

    your daddy was in BIG trouble! i've got several pups i'm trying to 'diet' too.

  11. Oh, Samson. Shame on Daddy. If he gets out a box of biscuits, you must lie down on the slate floor and pretend to be asleep. We want you to be healthy.


  12. You walk Samson--& then Soldier? You should be entitled to Samson's biscuits!!

  13. Until Samson took over the recliner, the sense of scale wasn't there. My goodness! What a gorgeous huge Samson.

    Awesome photos!

    My daughter lives near Lake Elsinore.

  14. Dexter says its the fur, Samson - it can add 10 pounds alone... ;)

  15. Good luck with the diet and exercise plan, Samson. You're gorgeous.

    Inger, we have two dogs. Different breeds, but supposedly the same size. One is skinny - maybe 5-7 lbs underweight - and I can feel his ribs under his fur. The other is about 20 lbs overweight. They eat the exact same things every day. And get the same exercise.

  16. DexterDog: I tried that too, but then the vet said he couldn't feel the ribs!
    Carole: Samson gained weight when he was on steroids, then it just didn't stop.
    Samson Says: I'm with Dexter, my fur is heavy!

  17. Oh Samson, you are one gorgeous dog! I love a dog you cans ink your hands into. Yummy!

  18. One of my dear friends has this type of big white dog - he is so friendly and sweet, And oh my - do we go thru the same feeding issues here! lol


  19. Samson you must stay on your diet! Just say no to those biscuits ;)

  20. It sounds like Mommy is getting a workout also. Maybe, because daddy was the bad one and gave you all those biscuits, he should do some of the walking around the barn also. There is also the chance that he may bring some treats with him.

  21. Samson, have you been taking notes from my dog, Rudee? When we walk, if he gets tired, he walks ahead fast, then stops suddenly, too! He is learning that isn't very good to do though, I don't have as good of brakes as he does, especially walking down hill! And I bet that slate is nice and cool to sleep on. At least I hope so!


  22. No, diets are no fun. Walking is fun, but less so when somebody else makes you do it. You hang in there, Samson, it really is good for you (whatever ends in "it's good for you" is never ever fun!)

    Thank you for stopping by, Inger. I have been too absent from blogging and blog reading, but I just can't fit everything into my days....

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  24. Samson, what a delightful post. I had no idea what a really big fellow you were till I saw you in that recliner. Wow you are as big as most men. Keep up the walking guy. You won't get any shorter but the heat should be easier to take a few pounds less.

  25. Samson--you're so cute! Your parents sound just like me and Cade. Except I'm the naughty one handing out treats when I shouldn't. But our husky loves them sooo much and she's cute just like you are!

  26. Dear Samson, please give your human companion a message for me. You are so bright and so aware--and I so loved these words from you, "we saw a mommy quail with a whole lot of little quail babies. They were tiny and mommy thought they were so cute. I was thinking food supplements"--that I'm sure she knows what you are saying. So please tell her that I've been away from reading blogs and commenting and even posting for nearly three weeks. Tell her I hope that one weekend soon I'll get all her A to Z postings read. I've been a little under the weather. My dad used to say, "When you fall off the horse, Dolores, get back up on it. That's the only way to live." So I'm getting back on the blogging horse and I'm really glad that I met you again today. Peace.

  27. Loved reading about Samson. What a cool dog! Sorry about the diet, though. That is a bummer!

  28. Hi Samson! Good to see and hear you today! Now Daddy has to realize like my Daddy does, that dogs don't have 'feelings' like humans do and therefore don't feel as bad as humans when they can't give the dog a treat! Make sense?
    I love where you and Mommy walk and you have LIZARDS!!! How lucky are you!? SOphie would jump 100 feet with the sight of a lizard!! SHe is not as brave as you!!

  29. 'No one has made a mess on it yet!' Ha, well spoken, Samson, like a dog should. But let it be for a while.

    I like this pictorial and text combo, Inger. and Thanks Samson for the rhetoric and the guided tour.

  30. Dear Samson,
    My name is Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants. I am a "rescue dog . . I'm Big and Fluffy - and mostly Newfoundland . . so, I'm a Great Size for a lady to be. The first couple of years I lived with my friend, I got a lot of "pity cookies." Who knew - if my mom gives me cookies, and friends sneak me cookies, eventually the scale tells the vet and - like you - I get to walk more and "treat" less. Still, it's a great life . . .
    You are super handsome . . . and fluffy . . and you must get exactly the right amount of cookies . . .
    Thank you for your story,

  31. Samson, you are adorable! My favorite picture is the one of you sitting in your chair.

  32. Samson you are such a gorgeous guy! I've love to bury my face in that fluffy white fur of yours. Love the photo of you chilling in front of the fan. :)

    Clancy and I can both relate to the diet thing. Such a pain, isn't it?

  33. This is the best thing I have read in ages! Very funny. I wonder what really does go on in the mind of a dog?! He is such a beautiful animal and I'm sure he gives the best hugs! But tut at daddy feeding biscuits! Reminds me of when I was younger feeding the pet hamster raisins in secret so he would like me more, turned out both my brother and sister did the same thing so no suprise he was a fat hamster!
    Hugs to you Inger!

  34. Samson you are adorable. My favourite bit is where you stop in front of Mummy's legs. Hilarious! (You're not reading this are you, Inger?)

  35. Hej! jag har missat lite, fullt upp med valparna. Man vill ju vara med dem så mycket som möjligt. Om en vecka åker de.
    Härligt inlägg om Samson, kram!

  36. Härligt inlägg!
    jag har missat lite då jag vill vara med valparna så mycket som möjligt. De åker ju nästa vecka. Kram!

  37. Hi Samson - I saw a clone of you recently and said to myself 'what's Samson doing over the pond' then I realised someone had got so clever and created a likeness!!

    Love the posting - and gosh that was a little unfair of Daddy .. as now you and Mommy suffer .. never mind you'll forget about biscuits sometime soon ... just enjoy those walks.

    Life in the heat is a challenge I agree and I don't have lovely white fur ...

    Keep well, keep slimming and enjoy life at your ranch .. cheers Hilary

  38. Samson you are so beautiful, but please listen to your momma. She loves you, and is just trying to keep you healthy.


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