Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Samson Meets His First Snake

Samson Says: 

OK, so the other day, as mommy opened the door to let me out, I spotted movement over in a corner of the dog enclosure by daddy's so called snake-proof fence. I thought it was a lizard, so I ran over there, but it was something else. Mommy yelled at the top of her squeaky voice: Stop, Samson, a snake!! She's taught me how to stop (I'll say that much for her) so stop I did. That critter was gone in the blink of an eye, it was that fast!

Mommy went and got daddy and told him he was not allowed to kill the snake. He said he'd use the water hose. When I heard water hose, I went in the house and looked out the door window to see what they would do. 

Sure enough, daddy found the snake's hiding place and started spraying water on its rear end, directing it with the hose to the fence. Mommy stood next to him, monitoring to make sure he didn't kill the snake. I saw it slither up the fence by the gate post. I guess that's how it got in. I almost felt sorry for the thing myself, as daddy directed the hose to its bottom and it had to climb up all that way. 

Mommy said it was a racer snake and not poisonous. Daddy said it could still bite. Mommy said, auntie Rachael says in her classes that anything with teeth can bite. I said to myself: What else is new? 

I wish mommy had taken some pictures of it instead of standing over daddy like that. The three above are some that mommy took a few years ago of another racer snake that couldn't decide if it wanted to hide or stick its neck out.

Samson: Mommy, while we're talking about snakes, I've been treated very well by my vet, so I trusted that I would get no more needles there. But last time, in comes a smiley person, a boy, and before I know it, he takes me away into another room. Where I get a needle, and OK, a pedicure. Why did I get a needle again?

Mommy: It was a rattlesnake vaccine. In case a rattlesnake would bite you, you would have some protection. 

Samson: That's what I thought you said, but this snake was so  scared of me and left so fast I barely got to see him. 

Mommy: This was a racer snake, it's different from a rattlesnake. A rattlesnake may stand his ground and if you were to get too close to try to bite him, he could bite you first. And then you would be in big trouble. 

Samson: You mean he wouldn't run away?

Mommy: Well, run? He has no legs, so run, no. What he may do is curl up in a ring, sort of, and rattle his rear end.

Samson: Rattle his rear end! That sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I could rattle my rear end, heh, heh, heh.

Mommy: This is no joke, Samson. He rattles to warn you to stay away. Because if he bites you, you will get very sick. Look at this snake, it's a rattle snake. See the rattles?

Mommy: You have to promise me to stay away from all snakes, particularly if they have a rattle on their rear end. Promise, Samson.

Samson: OK, mommy, I promise to himself: But I bet I could kill him first, while he's busy rattling away

Have a nice day everyone!

Posed by Samson, the Samoyed Dog


  1. my poor pups have all gotten bit by poisonous snakes (copperheads and water moccasins) but at least we don't have rattle snakes here! be careful!

    and that little racer is CUTE!

  2. Samson -- you listen to Mommy. She knows best. We don't want you to have to visit the vet again because you didn't listen! xo

  3. Sampson ~ if anything rattles in the desert go in the opposite direction .

  4. When I was a kid, we found a rattler had made it's way into our backyard one day - and as we curioius kids all stood looking at it, my cousin dared me to pick it up. I was just going to try (silly 8 yr old) when my mom looked out the window (timely) and screamed not to touch it. My dad and his brother had to get rid of it.

    And, like Samson, I had been told not to touch snakes with rattles. That was a close one.

  5. Samson, there's a difference between being brave & being stupid--LISTEN TO YOUR MOMMY!!

  6. ugghhh on the rattle snakes.. I don't mind the non poisonous ones and do what you did , help them escape to safety... you had a really exciting day...

  7. I hope Samson listens to you.

    A couple weeks ago, our neighbor's cat (who spends so much time at our house, he must think he's OUR cat) was playing with something in our back yard. At first, I thought he had a very long worm. Very long. Duh. It was a young snake. A dead young snake. I guess the cat must have killed it, but he wasn't at all happy when my hubby took the snake away from him. This one wasn't poisonous, but we do have copperheads around, and the babies are as venomous as the adults.

  8. Yuck snakes... I don't think I'd be checking them out... I would listen to Mommy!!

  9. I/we are SO THANKFUL to not have poisonous snakes here at all! But good to know if they have teeth, they could bite! Samson, you are one smart dog!! Thanks.

  10. Hua I don't like snakes very much. Samson you'd better listen to momma :)

  11. Haven't seen the rattlesnake here since the second time I saw it on my patio, but the gun is loaded now. And I do know gopher snakes can bite by the way one of my border collies jumped and yelped when it hit her on the shoulder.

  12. Snake? I am running away now.

  13. Oh Samson I am sorry I am a little afraid of snakes and a Racer snake sounds fast. I hope he does not come back and stay away from any kind that rattles OK. B

  14. No, you don't want to mess with a rattler, that's some bad business! We have lots of snakes here, but only 3 that are poisonous. (Rattler, Cottonmouth, and Copperhead)

  15. Samson, I almost stepped on a rattlesnake when i was younger. But it was early in the morning, and it was so cool he couldn't even shake his rattles. I was lucky!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  16. Mommy is right! No rattlers!

  17. I'm thinking you could tell the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes... and leave the bad guys alone. But... just in case, it's probably a good thing you got the shot. Stay away from the snakes... just let your mom and dad know when one is around. OK?

  18. I had no idea you could innoculate a dog against snake venom. That's a wonderful precaution. I'm sure Samson appreciates how well prepared you are to keep him safe, Inger. He seems to truly pay attention to your warnings! Summer heat is just getting underway and I worry about Rattlers, not in my own yard, but in homes of friends. I am sure you're very aware all the time! ox

  19. Oh my goodness, I'm so afraid of snakes and this really would have freaked me out. I hope you listen to Mommy Samson and say away from the rattlers! Love your smile about the snake rattling his rear end. :D

  20. Hi Samson .. I think you should follow your wise Mommy's words - rattle snakes are sadly not very nice if we get too close ..

    Cheers Hilary

  21. ugghhh. I'm terrified of snakes. Thankfully there is only 1 kind in Latvia. And I'm even more thankful that I've never met it.

    Samson - you're super cute and brave. But snakes are not the best buds :)

  22. Dear Inger, here again I see your love of all creatures great and small. I'm relieved that Samson's had an anti-venom shot to protect him from rattlesnakes. What about you? Is there a shot for you and your husband???? Peace.


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