Monday, June 3, 2013

Town & Country & Samson

A couple of weeks ago, I brought my camera to town to take pictures of the many murals we have here for a later post. I also had some letters to mail and, in addition to the post office, there's only one mail box in town, and it's on this corner where some of the town's oldest houses are located.  

On that day, everything was green and beautiful, so I took some pictures. On my way home, maybe five miles away, I stopped my car to try to capture some interesting lights and shadows in the desert. And now I'm struck by the contrast between the green town scenes and the beige and dun colored desert, just a few miles away.

The sheep we borrow from the San Joaquin Valley were busy cleaning up this field. They are only here in the spring and are delightful to watch. As you can see, a couple of them were watching me as well.

Samson Says: 

Does anyone out there in Bloggyland miss me? I haven't been allowed to speak my mind here since March! And now she posts pictures of sheep! When she's got ME! Not FAIR! If you agree, please leave a comment and let the royal unfairness mommy know.

Yours Truly,

The Samoyed Dog


  1. samson, you made me laugh out loud! :)

    and i love the beiges and blues you shared!

  2. Mommy, I love today's photos of the tress and the landscape, but it's time for a post by Samson with lots of pictures of him. I love the shot with his mouth open.


    P.S. I hope you'll stop my my blog. I nominated you for The Liebster Award.

  3. "Hmmmm," said the Bear. "Inger, um, are you being a Delilah to your dog, Samson, betraying him for his canine capability in communicating? I just thought I would ask."

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).

  4. Love the contrast between town and outside. Your dog is beautiful and seems to have the personality to match! lol

  5. shame on mommy, of course we miss you... get with it mommy.. we want to see pup pics... and the in town photos and the out of town photos look like they are in different states... what a huge difference.

  6. The desert has its own distinct beauty. When the shadows fall during sunset...that is when its beauty is best.

    You go, Samson.

    Thanks, Inger, for sharing the contrast of town and desert!

  7. "We want Samson, We want Samson" :)
    Inger someday I am going to make it out there to see this beautiful scenery. Hug B

  8. Haha, I'd love to see more of you, Samson! But I do love the sheep too. :D

  9. Whatever pleases you on your blog is fine with me, Inger. I come to see what's new with you.

  10. LOL! Sam the ham. Kind of miss when we don't see him though.
    The sheep pic - the two in the middle foreground seem to be asking each other why you are taking pictures. Cute shot!

  11. Oh, Samson, you are too cute! I just don't know how her royal... um, your mother, could resist letting you speak your mind more often!
    It is interesting that you showed us the contrast between in and out of town. I guess I too, have gotten used to the arid countryside. Everything on our trip to Europe was so lush and green, I had a hard time getting over that!

  12. The green and many colors definitely show the hand of man. Both landscapes are pleasing.
    Samson, you did make me laugh young man. Got a feeling your time is coming.

  13. Oh my goodness ... I love that first picture. I'd love to lay out there in the shade and read. And Samson is adorable :)

    But there's beauty in the desert, too. Unless you're a born desert person, in spirit or in reality, I think desert beauty has to grow on you. But it does.

  14. Samson - you deserve to be annoyed - can you imagine the nerve - since March!

    Say where do you live - in the desert - where - and what is the name of the town. I am just trying to put you on the map in my head.


  15. Wow! Look at that contrast between the two landscapes! Both have their charm and beauty. Inger, what great photos of the rail tracks and the desert/sky/clouds!! Lovely!

  16. Thank you for showing some town photos. Always so different from the dessert environment!

  17. Love those pics--especially the last one! LOL

  18. Samson! I miss you!! And I know what you mean... My mom has been dissing me lately and focusing on Short Stuff cause she's so darn cute. Well, she is cute and everything... but what am I? Chopped liver? Hmph! Hope to see you back to blogging soon. YOu are looking gooooooooood! Gracie.
    PS Mom said, Beautiful pictures!!

  19. How is it that you come to borrow sheep? I sure could use some for my unruly yard!

  20. Isn't it amazing the difference water makes in a landscape!
    Samson, of course we miss you!

  21. So that is what desert looks like, bleak just like morrland in the UK.
    Passing through on my raodtrip.

  22. Hi Samson - your royal unfairness mommy takes some pretty good pictures - I'm sure if you kept your mouth shut .. she would let you post more often - you'd be so handsome!!

    The clapboard house .. looks similar to a house I lived in in South Africa .. railway worker's cottage .. tiny, but very evocative of Africa ..

    The dun desert - just love that word .. and it does describe the colours of the desert ... against the blue of the sky .. the comparison is obvious isn't it ..

    Cheers Hilary

  23. I so miss this scenery. I so loved being in your neck of the woods or shall I say...desert. Absolutely loved it and enjoyed the want to go back....thanks for sharing.

  24. Oh to be out and exploring those hills.

  25. Hej!
    Vad fina bilder från staden, kul att se lite hur du bor där borta.
    Här är det fina kvällar o man sitter ute med valparna. Inte hunnit med att fotografera eller blogga.
    Hoppas du är ok?

  26. Samson, you are beyond precious.

  27. its the fur Samson - she has "reminders" of you all over...



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