Friday, June 28, 2013

A Birthday Picnic on the Mountain & Visiting the Nuns' Goats

All I wanted for my birthday was a picnic on the mountain. True to form, my husband fixed a chicken salad we packed  all the necessary picnic stuff and took off. Located at 5,782 feet and only eight miles southwest of town, Tehachapi Mountain Park is another great getaway in this area. 

We both soaked in the lush greenery that lined the winding mountain road, so good for our parched desert souls. "It looks like the South," said he as we made our way up the mountain. 

Once we reached the park, we selected a spot among stately fir trees for our picnic and I took a distant picture of my husband who doesn't want to be seen on my blog. 

Ground squirrels were practically tame, begging for food.

After we ate, I tried to take some pictures of the tall trees, but  it was a bit difficult since we were on a sloping mountain side.

So, instead, we took each other's pictures like crazy, giggled, and had a great time! Having just received my new driver license with, yes, its up-to-date, revealing picture, I was happy with this one. Taken in the shade, it doesn't show my wrinkles, which are multiplying at an alarming rate. I was so happy, I made this my new blog photo.

The trees around us were climbing up this steep slope and 

down as well, so tree tops got chopped off in the pictures. The trees were beautiful and the place smelled heavenly of pine needles and all the wonderful smells of the forest.

Look, the Wrangler is spotless, like a mirror! This is impossible since our dirt roads are so dusty now, but there it is. This could be my Saint Patrick's Day picture, don't you think? 

After lunch, we wanted to visit the Norbertine Monastery, located just below the park. The nuns' driveway is incredibly steep and once we reached the top, there was no parking. So we turned around and spent some time in the lovely fields below. The above picture is from the fall of 2010 when my friend Judy and I visited the monastery. 

There were hundreds of woodpeckers, noisily working away in the tall trees. This may be an Acorn Woodpecker, he and his flock were lined up on the fence posts at the monastery, like sentinels. Probably they were after acorns dropped by the many ancient oaks that grow in fields and on hillsides around the monastery. The nuns could not have selected a more peaceful place for contemplation and prayer. 

So instead of visiting the chapel, we spent some time with the nuns' mellow goats. 

When I worked at the donkey rescue, the highway patrol stopped some Mexicans and after checking them out, the cops heard some strange noises from the trunk of the car. They found, I think, five grown goats inside. A couple of them died and the rest went to jail. The donkey rescue took in two. Rachael and I named them Julio and Eduardo and I fell in love with GOATS. I had never known any before then. Oh, were they wonderful ~ every day I stopped by their enclosure   for a chat, while they tried to distract me so they could nibble on my hat or camera or whatever I had in my hands.  They are in Texas now, I hope they are OK. I miss them.

There were many, many goats resting in this field, but this was the only one to come up and say hello.

Driving back down the mountain, we were fascinated by green grass, green bushes, and green trees. I don't think I ever appreciated the color green as much as on that day.

At the end of the mountain road, there were two horses and a foal. Of course the foal decided to turn his rear end to me as I snapped. 

After that, we drove around the wide open ranch country to the west of our canyon and town.

Then we drove on this one road, high, high above a valley with no guard rails. Since my blogger friend Feral Woman complained about the lack of guard rails here in California, I have paid it some attention. I think I was too nervous to take a picture of the worst of it, but this one may give you an idea if you take note of how tiny those oaks look down below.

Safely back in town, we stopped by the store and bought a carrot cake and some ice cream to continue the birthday celebrations at home. A great birthday, my 73rd!


  1. happy, HAPPY birthday to you! love the greenery you found for the day! like the photo of you leaning on the jeep, too. bless you!

  2. Wow, such a wonderful way to spend a birthday, beautiful scenery. Happy, Happy Birthday dear one, thanks for sharing.

  3. i really like the spot where the picnic table is.. and of course the hiding hubby.. i would like to see the slopes, there are none here, all flat flat flat ground. we are green year round so i think where you live is stunning and would be as happy to see you desert as you are to see those beautiful green trees, i see lots that look like Christmas trees. and i love love love goats...
    that is a great photo you are using for your profile. if you learn to use your photoshop you can make your face beautiful in any of your photos you don't like... actually it can be done in picmonkey to...

  4. Happy Birthday. That was a birthday that I love. To hike and eat out and visit the goats. I used to raise goats and they are precious little critters. A lovely day. I like the photo of you.

  5. Happy Birthday you wonderful sassy Swede beautiful Lady!! Your pictures of you- theres no way that you are that old- I think maybe you might have the wise maturity in that 70+ year old brain, but the rest of you is definitely still in their 20's!!! Dang, I want your genetics!!! :P

    And see, I wasnt joking about guardrails - somehow there wasnt enough steel shipped to CA...I think we should have a guardrail fundraiser for your state....

  6. Happy Birthday, Inger! What a lovely way to spend your birthday. Love the gorgeous shots of the countryside. I know all about places without guard rails, plumb scary!

  7. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday my dear friend Inger Happy Birthday to you. Trust me you would not want to hear me sing that one.
    There is no way you are 73 I am with Feral Woman on that one I want some of your genes too not jeans.
    What a lovely way to spend the day goats in a nunnery very cool..

    I tend to not wear my glasses and I have never seen a wrinkle on my face but I have them on now and I do not see a wrinkle on your face.

    Love the photos and stories and would never drive without guard rails scary.
    So is there any cake I could go for a piece?:) Hugs hugs B

  8. Hope you have or had a wonderful birthday and from the pictures you posted, I would say you definitely did. Beautiful!

  9. Jättegrattis på födelsedagen!! Då är du kräfta som jag :-) Fyller om 2 veckor.
    Vilka fina bilder från er dag. Jättekul med bilder på dig. Du ser väldigt svensk ut :-)
    Kramar i lass!

  10. Grattis på födelsedagen, ser ut som att ni hade an fin tripp. Härliga bilder. Ha en skön helg!

  11. Hi, gorgeous!! Thanks for taking us on your birthday picnic with you!!

  12. GREAT Portrait of YOU -
    I am SO Glad you were Born . .
    Thank you for sharing with all of us . .
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Inger! 73 is our lucky number! So all the luck to you and yours on this very special day.
    What beautiful places you visited. And I love goats too....they are so inquisitive/curious.....and HUNGRY all the time!!

  14. Happy Birthday, thanks for sharing the "Green" pictures, that is a rare site here this time of year.

  15. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you had a good green day.


  16. ·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´Happy, Happy Birthday Inger!!! What a perfectly delightful and enjoyable day and post too!! I love all your photos too--You are really a lovely lady!! :-)

  17. It sounds like you had a perfect Birthday... picnic, carrot cake and all! What fun! Thanks for bring us along.

  18. Hello Inger ... and a belated Happy Birthday! ... it looks like you had a great day without my wishes ...

    I know exactly what you mean about being in GREEN again after seeing only desolate desert ...

    ... I'm back to watching TV again and see that you're experiencing a heatwave ... take care and try to keep cool ... Namibia experienced a very poor 'rainy season' and much of the country is receiving drought relief ...

    Great pics ... thanks for sharing your world ...


  19. Happy Birthday Inger
    Wonderful scenery! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Happy Birthday Inger
    Wonderful scenery! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Happy Birthday dear Inger. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. You looked beamingly happy and lovely in your photos!

  22. Hello, to sign up for my blog must put your email address in the middle of blog on the left where there newsletter ... your photos are really beautiful! all these animals is the paradise! and you're very pretty I'd have the same blond hair for you ..... your blog exudes joy! I'm glad to know you, marylin is in a small corner of France!

  23. I changed my profile picture so you can see my hair is blond but true! lol because I am black!! lol kisses

  24. Oh I love goats, I would love to visit these guys.
    I can't imagine a more beautiful place to spend your birthday. How wonderful! Happy Birthday to you! :)

  25. Hi Inger .. Happy Happy Birthday - what a wonderful time you had - I love the talk of green - your new photo is just great .. while the other photos show us so well what life is like .. I hope you're not sweltering as I gather your temperatures are rather extreme now ..

    Carrot cake and tea sounds like a very good ending to the day .. and 73 an excellent age with many more to follow ..

    So happy looking .. happy happy times ahead .. cheers to you both - with a glass of vino! Hilary

  26. Happy Birthday, Inger!
    I love the photos of you, especially the one on the jeep. So cute!

  27. Happy 73rd!!And Jim told you it is our special number...popping up it's your birthday age. Someday we'll understand why this number is absolutely everywhere in our world!


    Cheers X 73!!!!!!

    (loving your new picture)

  28. Happy belated birthday! (You were born the same year as me.) I enjoyed your walk in the mountain and woods – and yes, under the pine trees it could have looked like Georgia. I hope this will be a great year for you.

  29. The pic of you on the Wrangler is're not old, Inger...older, but not old! Happy Birthday hugs to you!...:)JP

  30. Happy, Happy, Birthday! Many happy returns, Inger! What a wonderful way to celebrate :)

  31. Dear Inger, happy 73rd birthday. I haven't yet figured out what term to apply to the 70s. I know that the 40s were freeing and the 50s were fulfilling and the 60s were a time of learning. But the 70s--even though I'm now 77--seem to be eluding me.

    Thank you for sharing your birthday adventure with us. I so like your new blog photo and the one with you leaning on your elbows on the car with the trees reflected in the hood is surely another good one of you.

    I follow a blog in which the blogger lives on a farm and rather frequently provides a picture of goats. Like you, I enjoy their antics and the look on their inquisitive faces. Peace.

  32. Happy late Birthday to you, Inger!! It sounds and looks like a wonderful day! Take care. -Jeff

  33. When is your birthday, Inger? Just wondering since mine was on June 29th, and hubs spoiled me too with attention and let me write all day.

    I like that photo of you, very flattering. And I too like goats. I was reading how cashmere is made from the fine underbelly hair of goats. Interesting. I'm allergic to mohair, but not cashmere. Little goats are so cute.

    Sorry about the late comment, but I haven't been visiting too many blogs this week. Family responsibilities.


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