Tuesday, April 30, 2019

After The Thunder And Rain

we went for one of our most gorgeous morning walks, ever.

Last week, I took Faith for her snake vaccine. I also read about this vaccine since some vets are not sure if it works. I learned that the vaccine only works for bites by the Northern Pacific rattlesnake, which is the kind we have here. So far, the dogs I know that have been vaccinated have survived bites, albeit with some pain and swelling. Because of his immune issues, Samson can't be vaccinated. So now he's back on a leash.

You know how wonderful the air is after a good rainstorm, so fresh and cool. Something I missed terribly during the dry years up here. So once the thunder and rain stopped, I took the dogs out. 

The rear of my house, with my Jeep. The old van belongs to Glenn. Hopefully, he will decide this summer if he can fix the wiring or not. If not, it will have to go. Where old vans that can't be fixed go. It's still a good vehicle, but I just can't cope with having it restored. 

Photo-bombed by Samson. Again!

I have lined up some folks to help me with the weeds. Glenn is coming today. I bought a weed whacker, a lightweight one, but he'll probably use my machete. A tool I have a lot of respect for and will not use. Then the people who are helping Joyce right now will come to help, using her tractor and a mower of some kind that can be attached. So, together we should get it done. You'll probably be bored, reading about it for the entire month of May. 

I threw balls to Faith before we walked, so she's tired here. She weighs 66 lbs now, but she's not fat. She just looks stronger and more like a Lab. Wish her legs were a bit longer, but she's a fierce little dog that can hold her own. And cautious too, which I love. Can you see her in the picture above? Can you see Samson's dirty paws? His paw pads are covered in fur, so you can imagine what he drags into the house. 

Back home again. 


  1. I love how everything feels so alive after a rain.

  2. I would rather have pawbprints and dirt in my house than a house without them.... love the white ears in the beautiful country scene... so glad you got rain, your homestead looks beautiful. YAY for getting help with clearing for the fire season... never get tired of seeing and reading about your desert life. bring it on. Faith and Big Boy are exactly the same size and shape and weight... Big has short legs to

  3. How beautifully green everything looks. It is so different than the pictures you usually show us from the dessert.

  4. The ear photo bomb was priceless. Sorry Samson can't take the vaccine. It would be easier on him and you if he could run free but you are smart to keep him close if you have snakes.

  5. I love a moody sky after a rain. Beautiful shots, Inger.

  6. Oh yes, it is wonderful to take a walk after it's been raining and the sun is shining.
    Your pictures are beautiful.

  7. Rain, a wonderful event when it has been so dry, and friends who help, they cannot be measured in anything that shows their true value. Love every photo, a truly lovely place to be.

  8. Your second, third, and fourth pictures are my favorites. You are surrounded by beauty! How wonderful there is a snake bite vaccine! So good that you could get it for faith. I am very glad you will not use a machete!!

  9. I hope Sampson will be safe from snake bites. It would be terrible to see him hurt by a rattler.
    I'm glad that you have everything in place to have your grass cut before fire season. For you, it's fire season and for us it's flood season that we must take precautions against.

    Enjoy the beauty.
    Hugs, Julia

  10. Your house looks lovely, and surrounded by best Nature can offer. Things require a lot of work, but with the right help it can be done smoothly.
    We've got rain only in winter. The rest of the year is dry, but we've got smart irrigation and water desalinization systems, so we manage. This winter we had a lot of rain, thank God for that.

  11. Like Indiana Jones, I hate snakes ... which is why I made one of the harrowing perils in Her Bones Are In the Badlands, an army of rattlesnakes attacking a rural motel. Brrr. Your walks are so pretty. The world looks like it's has its face cleaned after a rain, doesn't it. That darn old photo-bombing Samson! :-)

  12. Hi Inger - it does look absolutely wonderful after the rain ... while the dogs look happily at home - so glad you could have these walks. Cheers Hilary

  13. I love your blog. it's like visiting another world. this is not the time to go hiking here either. though people do.
    they're all coming out of hibernation … sunning on rocks and whatever snakes do. glad to know that little photo bombing Samson will be kept safe! LOL! (love his ears in that picture!) and Faith... YES! I can see her small silky self resting there in the grass. retrieving balls is hard work Mom! xoxo

  14. So glad you are getting rain and look at all that beautiful green. We are getting lots of rain here, too, but so much that everything is kind of soggy.

    Glad you have someone helping with your yard work. I always enjoy your blog and gorgeous photos!

  15. It's a beautiful time of year there and you got a really good photo of your house! Happy weekend!


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