Friday, April 12, 2019

Rust ~ Post No. 22

Jane and her husband traveled up the California coast to see the poppies and on their way found a couple of rusty items for me to post. She found this gate near Santa Barbara. You can catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean in the background. 

Jane is responsible for most of these 22 rust posts. Thank you, Jane, for thinking of me and my blog on your travels. I must do better now, finding rust. The weather is getting warmer - supposed to anyway - it was 33 degrees this morning (Thursday). But it will change soon. 


  1. "I must do better now, finding rust."


  2. we are headed for 88 today, send a few cold degrees please. I am so glad Jane SEES the rust and grabs it for us. I do love old rusty items

  3. I'm afraid I feel no 'attraction' to rust. I'll usually try to remove it, paint over it, or get rid of the rusty item. On the other hand, rust as a color is liked by many, including me.

  4. I love rust. Why, I don't know. Maybe it's the character it adds to things. Nice photo.

  5. I thought that was the sky, but it is the sea? I love your Bluebonnet header!

  6. I like that old resting gate! Every time I pass by a rusted something or other I think of you. :) I meant that in a kind way. :)

    1. I love that you think of me. Now I just have to set out and find some rust of my own.

  7. Like DUTA, I have no attraction to rust and try to prevent rust from happening, because rust to me, means abandon and neglect but I do like the rust color too. I think the gate serves a good purpose to keep vehicles off that area. It's battered but still useful. Today was the first day I could work at cleaning debris from the upper flowerbed in the back of the house and i had to open a window to get fresh air as it was warm in the house.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. beautiful wabi sabi in the 21st century. xo

  9. that's a beautiful image. When i was walking the shoreline i saw some copper something or other ..a kind of pipe ...near a dock and it was turning that beautiful turquoise pantina color.

  10. Hi Inger - 33 degrees ... oooh - too hot already! Wonderful rust shot - if I see something I'll send it over ... love the gate and that scenery, while it's still green ... cheers Hilary


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