Monday, April 1, 2019

The Green, Green Hills Of

What? Kern county? Yes, it happens for a fleeting moment in time and I'm so happy Jeanne, Mary and I took short road trip to enjoy them. 

We drove on country roads, lined by oak trees,

down steep hills, that opened up to beautiful views of

green fields, hills, and oaks with more leaves than those above.

As I post this, I notice a faint hint of orange across the hillsides, a promise of what's to come once the poppies open up. It will be gorgeous and inspire more road trips. I took the picture because of the railroad tracks that curve around the hill, I didn't really notice all that orange. I can only now imagine how incredible the poppies will be. And pretty much unreachable by humans, maybe.... Hope so, anyway. I know I will be turned off by the crowds at the poppy preserve. Jeanne told us a helicopter landed in the midst of it all when she was there! Really! I have been there and people trample, people lie down, people walk on the flowers, and so on, with no respect for nature, just wanting to get the best selfie.......

We saw many beehives in the fields by the road.

On a different road, we found fields covered in wildflowers.

Sturdy yellow fiddlenecks and dainty white flowers.

And no people, just Mary getting her camera out of the car. 

We finished our outing with lunch at the Keene Cafe, in the company of locals, firemen, and our favorite highway patrol officer, a woman who has come to our canyon meetings to talk about road laws and road safety. 

The fire helicopter at the station next door to the cafe. And can you see the orange spread across the hill in the distance?

On the way home, up the last hill before our town. 


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! What a great outing! ~Jeff

  2. All so beautiful; it reminds me of Ireland. I do see the orange, can't wait for the Poppies. I adore them and love snapping them.

  3. what a lovely, lovely drive with friends. the photos are magnificent. # 2 and 3 are Spectacular! I love both of those, I feel like I am drowning in green grass. sooooo beautiful. I would love to eat in that diner to

  4. So nice to see all that pretty green. Looking forward to seeing green around here!!

  5. It is so exhilarating to see all that green in the mountains. It all looks so beautiful.
    I've ben thinking of planting some California Poppy seeds for a few years but never seem to get around to do it.
    We still have a bit of snow but I now can see patches of lawn here and there and today the River finally opened up in front of our place.

    Enjoy the new season of spring in your area.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Green mountains. How beautiful. I feel like I took the trip with you and Mary. I like Indian summer best, but spring is right next to it for me. :-)

  7. Hi Inger - it must have been a lovely day out with Jeanne and Mary ... and yes I can see those poppies ... so hope you can get back and show us similar views in a week or ten days?! I love road drives ... beautiful green scenery now for you ... rolling hills and roadways ... and wonderful to see the wildflowers - people are insensitive or completely ignorant probably ... loved seeing it - thank you. Cheers Hilary

  8. Those wide spaces, and flowers just starting to colour the hills. Love every part of your trip today/

  9. oh Inger! thank you for taking us along! XO

  10. Nothing like a road trip. Such a lovely break. What a change of pace from your local scenery. Hate that people abuse the poppies so probably just to get a picture of themselves laying in the field. Sheesh.
    Glad you had such a lovely trip.

  11. What a beautiful place to drive!

  12. Green fields and hills, with wild flowers, oaks, bee hives - and No people.
    That's an ideal road trip bestowing upon the traveler a blessed delight and relaxation!

  13. The poppies are incredible!!! Enjoy this time of green and orange! I know that you won't trample any poppies. But please share the images. I saw them in person back when I lived on the west coast... but that was a long time ago.


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