Monday, April 22, 2019

Four Years


I love you, I miss you. You were so alive, always. You knew how to love - me, your large family, your many, many friends, sailing, cooking, music, gumbo, New Orleans, dogs, cats, birds, any stray that would find you. 

I'm making a good life for myself, taking care of our home, our land, and the dogs. I've made new friends, I volunteer, I take photos and blog. I'm happy. Samson is good too, now. But should I say "Papa-Daddy" out loud, he would go looking for you. I know this, so I never will. Faith is my dog now, my shadow, she loves me beyond words. And I her. 

Four years ago, I held your hand, one last time.  


  1. Dearest Inger - just wonderful for the man you loved, and your time together. My heartfelt thoughts for you today - be at peace ... Hilary

  2. Love continues even when the other person is not with us. It’s so hard and it is so precious. Hugs to you, Sampson and Faith.

  3. How lucky you were to have had such a wonderful man in your life and how hard it is to lose him. Inger, you have done well with your life and Errol would be so proud of you.

  4. Such a nice tribute to Errol. You indeed did made a good life for yourself and you should be proud of yourself.
    Time is going so fast, I have to remind myself to try to enjoy every minute of it. Happy Easter.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Beautiful memorial to Errol. I know you still miss him as much as you did 4 years ago. You had a wonderful life with him and have all those memories to draw on... so happy you have Faith and Samsom in your life

  6. Love the tribute, and in these 4 years, you have managed to look after yourself, your land, Faith and Samson, and keep blogging. Errol has left a huge gap, his memory in your heart will always be there. Hugs from a cold morning in NZ.

  7. It certainly doesn't feel like 4 years though I am sure it seems much longer for you. That he has left such an emptiness now just proves how much he filled your life then. Keep those wonderful memories fresh.

  8. You made me cry too.
    Four long years I'm sure, but they seem to have gone by so fast.

  9. from one to another in the recognition of rebuilding a life. it's like living twice in a lifetime.
    bless you darling girl. sending you love through tears.
    with your beloved Faith and Samson and the wonderful memories you have of that beautiful man! XOXO

  10. Inger, even though I do not know you "in person" it is hard for even me to believe it has been 4 years. Peace and love be with you.....

  11. Dearest Inger,
    So beautiful homage to your dear husband Errol!
    I have tears on my eyes!


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