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Archive Favorites ~ Post No. 5

April 2011

Three Ravens

Three ravens, a mother raven and two youngsters, came at the beginning of summer last year to

spend the night on the thickest wire that leads from the electric pole to our house.

The two young ravens seemed to be wired themselves, just like kids before bedtime. While the youngsters bicker, mother raven stoically looks the other way with a sort of long-suffering raven look on her face.

OK, so what shall we do now?

I know, let's try the thinner wire down below!

Oh, no, mother raven, help, I think I'm falling off! As if to remind her youngster he can still fly, she raises her wings and flaps them a few times.

OK, I got it, I can use my wings to balance with. Cool! It's all so easy if you don't panic. 

Look at me now, I'm almost comfortable

But it's really much better on the thicker wire above, so I think I fly back up there.


Come any closer and I'll beat you up, thinking you're so cool and all, says his sibling. 

While mother raven looks the other way, once again, wishing for some night-time QUIET, already.

The three ravens spent every night for the rest of the summer on our wires. When fall came, the youngsters were grown up and one night they did not return. 


  1. I am sure it is much easier to balance on a fat wire over a thin when learning to fly... they are so cute

  2. I love your raven storey. I can almost see this in a kid story book.
    Have a great day. I'm enjoying the sound of the rain this morning.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. This is such a nice post, Inger. Kids of any species can be difficult and always want to spread their wings.

  4. Now that is a reality show worth watching. Loved your interpretation.

  5. Your interpretation of this event is no doubt spot on.

  6. To perch there all night, I would have thought a branch in a tree with other branches for company would be safer. love the story , I can truly imagine being there and hearing them talk.

  7. loved the narration and the photos of this trio! We have two ravens that come and sit on the fence and make a ruckus until I throw food out for them.

  8. Family life in action! Your narrative is perfect.

  9. Oooh, I love ravens. I would have been sad when the youngsters didn’t return. I love the story with the beautiful silhouettes.

  10. Hi Inger - love the conversation of family life ... fun and wonderful photos ... enjoy whomever turns up this year! Cheers Hilary

  11. wonderful! actually it's exquisite. art and nature and love all mixed together with a story.
    I've read every comment too and agree!
    I really enjoy these archive favorites darling bean. thank you for reposting them!

  12. How cool that the birds stayed around for all that time.
    Great story to go along with the pictures.


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