Wednesday, April 24, 2019

More From The Poppy Reserve And My Thanks To You All

Thank you so much for your kind comments about my feelings on the anniversary of Errol's passing. When I started my blog, I had no idea one could make friends like you -  all across the country and the world even. I appreciate your friendship so very much. 

Thank you also to my friends who sent loving emails. And to Errol's family, so many called me and shared their love. 

At the reserve, I was happy to find a bench at the top of the hill we climbed. 

Then the view! No words needed here.

Jeanne took this picture on our way downhill.

As we left the reserve, we stopped to take pictures of this multi-colored hill. Fiddlenecks pose in the foreground. I hope you can see how they earned their name. Their tops curve, just like the neck of a fiddle. 

This year, poppies grow everywhere. We liked how they traveled down this barren-looking -- I don't know what it is, the side of a gully, perhaps?

At the end of a lovely day with a friend, in nature so gorgeous one can't find words to describe it nor capture it with the camera. The mountains in the background with the orange poppies in front put a nice finishing touch on the day though. For me.....


  1. Hi Inger - it is lovely you heard from so many friends and family ... you and Errol shared much love with us all - it's a pleasure knowing a Swedish lady is over there, who did live here briefly and knows my Englishness! Blogging has an incredible advantage for so many of us - it's a positive area.

    Those mountain views look just lovely and I gather the poppies are extra special this year ... as too the fiddlesticks (well that's what I called them - til I checked and saw they should be called fiddlenecks! - a more accurate name for their heads) ...

    Enjoy the wonderful landscape and your special Samson and Faith - cheers Hilary

  2. the barren gully, trimmed with poppies is my favorite pic of today... awesome views of all those flowers... we don't have barren here, so I am drawn to it in photos. the fiddle necks are awesome, I have not seen or even heard the name before... they do look like fiddles

  3. Amazing beauty. God's creation is just amazing. I'm glad you had a close up view of all this beauty while accompanied by your friend Jeanne.
    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. What a magnificent sight! This is Mother Nature at her best.

  5. The poppies are so beautiful and so plentiful that they seem almost unreal. What a treat to be there but for us to see them also via your photos.

  6. Wooow great photos! I love orange so much!

  7. Wow, totally stunning!! You got great pictures! I have been showing them to Phil. I think my favorite is the first one with you, I love getting to see you up close! And you could not have a better background.

  8. Don't you think most people are nice? It's the mean ones who get too much attention. I'm glad folks have been kind to you.


  9. Your first photo, lovely in every way. Poppies, as down here we celebrate with Anzac Day remembering those who went to the wars, fought, died, injured and some returned home. They signify so much, and your fields of those golden flowers are truly beautiful. Friends across countries and the world, yes, I agree with your opening words. Let that love spread far and wide.XXX from NZ.

  10. Look how pretty you look with those poppies in the background! Love your sweet smile...makes me want to hug you! And I'm very glad you felt support after the loss of your precious Errol. I remember when you went through it all and how strong you were then...and still are! I'm proud of you my friend! Hugs, Diane

  11. oh my! and I agree with Ginny... it's so nice to have your lovely face to connect to the experiences here!
    and like you ~ until I had a blog I had no idea of the wonderful friends one can have from near and far.
    we're with you. xo


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