Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Excellent Lawnmowers

 The calf laid down in the weeds and almost disappeared. Can you see her ears sticking up? I thought this was so adorable and it made my day. 

 Road Workers


While the Russian Thistles, AKA Tumble Weeds, grew over the winter, our road took a bad beating from the rain and snow and all the Amazon and other deliveries we both got via large trucks, as well as our So. Cal. Edison electric workers, who always pick the worst days and the heaviest trucks to fix their poles.  I know, after the storms, things have to be fixed. 

I got the sand and Joyce, by virtue of being younger and stronger than me, did most of the work. 

We put some of the weeds in the ruts. Joyce dug up dirt, which somewhat covered the weeds, but I want to get some gravel as well. I have some on my land that I want to dig up. Hopefully, I will be able to. I also found a heap of dried out horse manure that would be just as good as the sand, if not better. So we're not done yet. 

Joyce told me the cows will eat the very prickly thistles, so I helped put them over the fence. 

It wasn't long before we had a crowd.

Joyce takes a picture of her sweet bull.

While Carmen takes a break in the fresh sand. After all, even  the best of dogs can get tired after keeping an eye us working hard.


  1. Natural lawnmowers, indeed! You both looked happy. I bet you had some aches and pains later!

  2. It's so nice to have help! And that prickly thistle looks like a treat for them! Have a good week...don't work too hard!

  3. Nice pics! Glad u stopped by. I put your link in my side bar again. Somehow when I started a new blog I didn't update so many of the blogs i use to visit.

  4. I had no idea that cows will eat Thistles!! You would think it would scratch their throats! That is the cutest picture, all I see of the little calf is his head sticking up. Goodness, what a job you've got...

  5. I am laughing my head off right now. when I read about the cows eating the thistles I thought at first in my head you put the cows over the fence. Crazy Lady. me not you. you have the only lawn mower I ever wanted to kiss. ha ha.. glad you have a helper

  6. oh the darlling little calf! YES I seem him peeking at his mama. a guy just gets worn out with lawn work. LOL!
    and I love the picture of Carmen flat out tired in the cool soft sand.
    but the cows eating the thistly tumble weeds? WOW! I can't even begin to imagine that!
    and kudos to you and Joyce for such hard work.
    GREAT POST! xoxo

  7. I didn't know that cows would eat Russian Thistle. Our cows would never touch a regular Thistle and would eat around them. Maybe the regular thistle has more thorns on them. I'm glad we don't have tumble weeds. It looks like there's a lot of them in the pasture.
    That little calf is cute with its little ears sticking out.
    Enjoy your day. Hugs, Julia

    1. These thistles have extremely sharp - I don't know what you would call them - like the sharp top of a knife blade all around them. You must wear leather gloves in order to touch them.


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