Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Samson Gets A Good Report ~ The Wind Storms Continue And Small Flowers Cover The Hills

I drove to the dump this morning, then put gas in the Jeep and came home. Noticing the flowers on the hillside, I drove the Jeep off road for a minute, which was fun. And took a picture of the mountains to the east. 

Then  tried to capture the pretty lavender hillside. I'll have to come back with the camera and climb up closer. Not today, because the wind is so cold, even the sun is powerless. The wind was horrible last night and it continues today.

I called the vet to find out about Samson's urine sample and was told the vet was very happy because it was perfect, the best it has ever been. I know he's doing well, of course, but so happy to get it confirmed. He will continue with the three medications he's on. It looks like the right balance of each has been reached. He's so happy now, he even ran away the  other day. Not far, just with Judah, Joyce's dog, up toward their house. I drove after him and he was just like naughty little boy, so happy, having so much fun.

My girl. Who would never run away or not mind her mommy.


  1. wow, i bet it's beautiful up there. I still haven't gotten out into areas where the wildflowers are blooming out here. Glad the medication is working for your sweetheart.

  2. Great news about the blood work! Are they afraid of the bad wind?

    1. No, they are not afraid. Samson is not afraid of anything. Faith is extremely cautious, right now worried about the flies that are coming alive, but not afraid either.

  3. Faith looks totally guilty about something. So happy to hear Samson is okay.

    We are having winds here as well. Wow, big gusts.

  4. I'm happy for Samson. It's just right that he's feeling so peppy and naughty after feeling out of sort for a while.I hope that you continue to feel better too. I can't wait to see pictures of those wild lavender flowers. I think that Faith is looking for praises for being a good girl.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I'm always happy to hear that Samson is doing well. Faith and Penelope are good girls. Penelope would never run away. Actually, Franklin doesn't, either. Not long after he came to live with us, he took off with Harper. They walked around the block and came right back home (I'm sure it was Franklin's good influence). It was the only time I didn't have to spend hours searching for Harper. He was a tricky dog, but I still miss him.


  6. Lovely hill! Both Faith and Samson are beautiful companions!

  7. oh what a joyous post! I am smiling ear to ear! xo hug them for me.

  8. Very pleased to hear about Samson's positive report! I was out hiking yesterday (Wednesday) and very windy all day in Joshua Tree. Not a great day for a hike... strong winds and no clouds in the sky, so I didn't take many pics. But enjoyable none the less. But yes, flowers everywhere!!

  9. glad sweet Samson has a good lab report, also that his runaway turned out safe and well. good girl Faith. Baby Girk was a runner and we could not catch her. Big is a good boy like Faith


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