Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Out Hiking~ Looking For Flowers

I walked up my closest hill the other day to look for wildflowers.

I didn't walk all the way to the top, I'm learning to pace myself. But glad to feel so much better now.

 One of many coyote trails. 

There wasn't an abundance of wildflowers yet. It's still cold at night. But they will come...

I love the smaller flowers, sometimes you see just one tiny, yellow, flower growing in the sand and you wonder at it.

The ragged hills across the way have many fabulous rock formations, parapets, fortresses, and beautiful large rocks.

Since I will never be able to climb them, I zoomed in to get a better view.

Another coyote trail makes me wonder where they come from, where they live, are their pups growing up strong now after all the rains. They no longer come to drink from my water leak so they must be doing OK. 

Someone is happy to see me come off that big hill. She could jump much higher when she was younger and thinner. Hard to believe she will be five in a few weeks. 

I have tried to find out what the lavender flowers are called. "Fil....." something. Checking for lavender colored flowers, you get Lavender, of course. Checking for local high desert wild flowers you get poppies and a lot of other non-applicable flowers. I will ask my friends later today when we head out to the Lancaster poppy reserve. Hope to get some good pictures there. 


  1. Hi Inger - love to see Faith jumping up welcoming you back ... and excellent you were able to wander out and we love seeing your views, the wild flowers ... desert-blooming ones always amaze. Enjoy your visit to the poppies ... and interesting to see your cottage - wonderful setting ... cheers Hilary

  2. Inger, your desert scenes are always a delight to see.

  3. Blue skies above rugged hills - quite a sight! Yes, the little wild flowers will come as soon as the weather becomes more friendly.

  4. I love the hopping canine behind the fence. precious! Big is 6. they are so much alike. your house looks so pretty and fits in with the landscape perfectly... my favoirite of all these beautiful photos are the coyote trails. I am betting other animals follow them also.... I enjoyed my visit to your rugged and beautiful hills. I could not climb that either.

  5. Those lavender flowers are really springing up. Faith is five?? Wow seem she was just a pup.

  6. Oh those hills and tracks, makes me want to fly over and visit you. But, like you, it will be just a dream.Soon you will see more colour, but meantime enjoy every day.

  7. My patio lavender is blooming! I'd like a field of them!

    Faith, 5? we grow old so fast.

  8. Faith is always happy to see you return. Wow, how time marches on quickly... 5years already. She probably would want to accompany you up on the hill, sniffing those coyote trails.
    I would love to walk near the foot of those mountains and I would look for precious stones. However, I would be very cautious of those coyotes. I can't tell for sure but those little blue flowers looks like Forget me Not. Their botanical proper name Myosotis. They can become invasive but are so pretty and bloom in the spring.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Hi Inger, could it be filaree storksbill, which blooms in the Mojave desert. I think I might have seen some yesterday. We were hiking near the Mojave River Dam in Hesparia area and so many beautiful wildflowers including the lavender ones. Anyway I enjoyed seeing all the photos and your location looks to be so beautiful and you must have such quiet nights there other than coyotes possibly. I love the sound of wildlife at night. I have an owl that hoots outside my bedroom window.

    1. Thank you, I learned that from my friend yesterday.


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