Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Award and Four Great Blogs!

First, I'd like to welcome Daniel Pascau, a new follower of my blog. My blog following is getting more and more international and, being somewhat international myself, I'm very much enjoying that.

Since I'm still kind of banged up and my husband and Samson are still here and we have to run around a lot to see doctors and such, I'm skipping my regular Tuesday and Wednesday features this week. I should be back next week to show you a treasure on Tuesday and, hopefully, on Wednesday, talk about this incredible book I just finished reading called: Strength In What Remains. That's one of those books that you will never forget, so I hope I can do it justice by then.

Instead I would like to accept an award today. It was given to me a few weeks ago by Cat, who has a great blog: http://egginmypocket.blogspot.com Cat actually mentioned that she likes my Wednesday's Book – and, you know how it is, you get a bit insecure about some things, in my case, writing about books, and then…..

Thank you so much Cat for this fine award.

This award comes with the following:

Why do I blog?
 How do I choose topics?
 Pass the award on to three people.

I started to blog because some friends did. Before I began, I was worried about giving up too much of my privacy. Then, a friend of mine, who has a wonderful blog, wrote an email and told me how she saw blogging and what it had done for her. And I was convinced. On the plus-side, I thought at the time it would give me a chance to be more creative with my camera and my writing. Little did I know that I would make such wonderful and supportive friends on the blogs. And that sharing my adventures and misadventures with them, as well as reading about theirs, would be so rewarding, helpful, and just plain fun.

My Tuesday's Treasures & Things I sort of stole from Jabacue up in Nova Scotia, who has a recurring Saturday theme of Retro stuff with beautiful pictures of dishes, books, and other wonderful things. And Wednesday's Books I started because I wanted to work on improving my writing skills and also ensure that I paid attention to any book that I am reading. Enough so that I can later write about it and make sense of it.

Other subjects just seem to materialize: Dogs never stop their antics, wildflowers bloom in the spring, rabbitbrush in the fall, the canyon is full of rocks, ruins, old abandoned trucks, coyotes, bobcats, rattlesnakes, and many other wild critters. There are trips to town, yard work, physical therapy, hiking, walks with dogs, and on and on. To outsiders, it may look like I'm living a boring life here all by myself with two dogs (most of the time), but I am never bored, there is always something going on here worth living through, photographing, and writing about.

 I would like to forward this award to:

Hopeful http://homesteadhope.blogspot.com for her wonderful blog about creating a simpler and more rewarding life. Despite serious setbacks, I feel her blog is about HOPE and I enjoy being inspired by that hope.

Sophie http://fromsophiesview.blogspot.com Sophie's blog truly gives you a perspective on the world from a dog's point of view. A very fortunate dog, may I add, who is living the best dog life there is. You have to read her blog!

Polly of http://pollyspath.blogspot.com Polly is a great writer and a wise woman with a great sense of humor. She also owns the most adorable goats and, as I'm sure you can imagine, when you have goats there is no end to adventures and mishaps that make for a fun read.

Thanks again Cat. 

Thanks for visiting and for all your great comments.


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