Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

My best friend Lin and I were neighbors in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles for more than 30 years. In 2006, Lin moved from her large apartment to a much smaller place in a retirement community outside Los Angeles. She had been very ill and needed a lot of help, so I helped her with everything related to the move. I found out that I was really good at the downsizing part, including helping her part with things that had sentimental value. This was really a profession for me, found a bit late in life, and one that I didn't pursue. But I enjoyed myself tremendously while we were working our way through Lin's treasures and things.

Of course, one of the benefits for both of us was that Lin could give some of the things she loved to me, knowing that I would treasure them as she had. One of the larger items she gave me was a beautiful china cabinet. Now some of Lin's treasures live there together with others I have posted on Tuesday's Treasures & Things.

Here are a few of Lin's and now my treasures:

Springtime, made by Staffordshire, England.

A delicate, hand-painted, cup made in Japan.

Another old demitasse made by Goldcastle.

I will not post Wednesday's Book this week. My husband and puppy Samson are here, keeping me busy. Last night, Samson learned about wildlife here as we had a pack of coyotes right outside our bedroom window. I'm sure he will post something soon about all he learned on his visit.


  1. So delicate. Nowadays, it's mugs instead of pretty little cups like this. I think we've lost something nice in the process.

  2. What pretty cups! It's too bad, even when you don't die, you can't take it with you!
    Coyotes! I really don't know how you can stand it, with just a couple dogs most of the time, good thing they were there last night! Being home alone with Jack and Jill most of the time, I worry about stuff like that.

  3. Beautiful cups and saucers. So delicate. Letting go of treasures is hard, but as I have learned, I can't take them with me when I pass, and the meanings they have are only for me. Although my kids like some of my treasures, most are just objects to them.

  4. What beautiful treasures...and what a treasure -- that beautiful friendship....

  5. Louise: Most women of my mother's generation in Sweden, would not dream of drinking coffee from anything but china cups. You are right, something got lost there.

    Sharon: Only a cougar or a bear would be scary for me to run into here. I'm not afraid of the other animals. I do fear for my dogs with snakes, but that's about it. If I lived here with no dogs, I would be more afraid of people than wild animals.

    AJ-Oaks: One lesson we have to learn in life is just that one: We can't take it with us, so no need to get too attached to things.

    Judy: It is wonderful to have really good people for really good friends, you are so right. Much more important, of course, than treasures and things.

  6. I agree, but they are very pretty and I enjoyed looking at them. Thank you.

  7. Barbee: Thank you for visiting. I love it when you do.--Inger

  8. what precious treasures from a treasured friend. The best kind.

  9. Those are beautiful.....I'd enjoy drinking coffee out one of those!


  10. Polly: A good triend is the best treasure, don't you think.

    Ninny: You know coffee tastes so much better in fine china cups. But they are so tiny, I would need about 10 of those to wake up.


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