Sunday, September 26, 2010

Samson Plays Doctor

Before I let Samson practice medicine, I want to welcome Jose Alba a new follower to my blog. Bienvenido, Jose.

Oh, hi Mommy, maybe you better take that camera and go away so I can examine Angel.

Ack, that nose doesn't look so good. It looks awfully red to me. I will prescribe some more medicine for you and discuss this with Mommy.

Now, let me check your ears. You are such a good patient, Angel, let me just sniff in there. It smells good and clean to me.

And now I have to examine the other end. I know you don't like it, but I have to make sure all your ends are OK.

Sniff, sniff: It smells good to me.

Oh, you want to go outside now? Ok, we can do the rest out there.

I know you eat very well now, but you're still awfully skinny. We have to do something about that. I prescribe some walks for you to make sure you get some more appetite and gain some weight. And I have to discuss your nose medicines with Mommy. Other than that, you are good to go.

These are my final instructions: Make Mommy take you for a good walk every day; eat all your dinner; let Mommy put that cream on your nose too -- those pills are not enough. And let me kiss your ears every time I come and see you.  Then you will feel at least a whole year younger. And that's seven human years.....

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweetie pie Samson is! SO adorable :-)

  2. Wow!! I wish my Sammy was a good doctor like your Samson; the girls would be soooo healthy! LOL!!

  3. Samson is such a thorough doctor! I hope Angel appreciates the great exam! :-)

    I can hardly get Jill to stay still long enough to get decent pictures, Samson is growing up!

  4. Hehe ... cute ... I remember, as a child, being told that animals lick themselves because their saliva has healing properties ... do you know anything about this? "licking their wounds"

  5. Samson has so many talents! He is a great blogger, a good friend and a patient and thorough doctor! You are one lucky lady, Inger:))

  6. I'm not sure my comment went through, Inger, so I'm going to say it again:

    Cute post! I am wondering, what doesn't smell good to a dog? LOL


  7. very cute! made for a good smile.

  8. Jeff: I guess he figures he's got his white coat already and might as well earn it.

    Sharon: He is getting very big and so sweet for the most part. And he's crazy about Angel.

    OneStonedCrow: I don't know, but I know Samson always has sought out the injured parts, like Angel's nose and my shoulder and started licking. I haven't had any other dog do that.

    Sandra: He is going to be some dog. His personality is HUGE already.

    Ninny: Good point, Ninny!

    Hopeful: I'm so glad it made you smile. Samson is that kind of dog, he wants everyone to keep smiling, just like he does.

  9. Isn't that interesting how he zeroes in on the problem area. I bet he could be easily trained to be one of those companion dogs of people who have seizures, or something like that. I have read of them, and it seems amazing to me. I am sure he will help you and Angel get better quicker.

  10. Samson, you are very cute!

  11. Just gorgeous ! They are soooo cute & you put a smile on my face this morning ;)

  12. Such a cute post. You have a great knack for "dog speak" :-)

  13. What a good doctor Samson is! A real asset around the house. Though, I have the feeling that Samson is good to have around the house for many reasons, not just his obvious doctoring skills. Is he a snuggler, Inger? I'd love to bury my hands in that thick white fur and give him a good hug.

  14. Barbee: Before Princess died, Samson spent most of his doctoring time with her, licking her everywhere. She had a tumor. I will pay close attention if he starts licking another dog a lot. I think you are right here.

    Rachael: Samson says Thanks, Rachael.

    Lynda: Samson says he's glad he made you smile.

    Joyful: Thank you, I know I write much better as an animal. I've been a donkey, a lizard, a llama, and now two dogs. It's so much fun!

    Tina: Samson says, I must be a very cute dog, Mommy. You better listen to all these people and give me a treat! Thank you Tina!

    Louise: He is a bit too young to sit still long enough for snuggling, but he is an absolutely adorable dog. Very smart, very kind, and does some very cute things.


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