Saturday, September 18, 2010

Samson Helps Mommy Blog

Welcome Marian Love Phillips, a new follower to my blog -- sorry Samson, our blog!

Samson Says:  Since my Mommy was in another accident and hurts, I decided to help her out with her blog.

This time, I will tell you about a SUPERNATURAL happening.

Here I am, sound asleep by the TV, when I hear Daddy calling: "Soldier, Soldier!" It sounded like it came from right above me.

So I jumped up and looked around. Sure enough, there was Daddy, sitting quietly on the couch. And there was Soldier; 

sound asleep in his favorite spot on the loveseat. Then I heard it again!! And it definitely came from the TV! What's going on here, this is getting spooky!

So I looked up on the TV and there was Daddy! And Soldier! Daddy was yelling at Soldier because he wouldn't come. And all the time Soldier was sleeping on the love seat and Daddy was sitting quietly on the sofa! Looking at himself on TV!

This one I couldn't figure out. So I scratched myself behind my ear and did what any smart dog would do when he can't figure out his person:

I did this! 

But if someone could please tell me what went on there, I'd love to hear it. 

Posted by: Samson the Samoyed Pup

Mommy: Thank you Samson. But before you put my broken down blinds on the Internet, maybe you should confess you were the one who did it!

Samson: Sorry Mom, I did it, but I couldn't see out!

Mommy: OK, just don't do it again.

Samson: I'll be good, Mommy. xoxo 

I just wanted to post something short and cheerful and Samson was happy to help out. I'm hurting a lot by now, so I will rest this weekend and give you an update on Monday. I'll also cheer myself up with reading your blogs. If I don't get to everyone today, I will later. Right now I wish I had a laptop so I could just sit in bed and read them all. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Hi Inger! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain!

    Hi Samson, I think you did a really good job on the blog today! I know you will do your best to help your Mommy and leave the blinds and other no-nos alone. I realize it's hard, things like that are so tempting at your age! What you saw on the tv was a home movie - Jill likes to sit on my lap and watch our home movies of herself on my computer. Jack says, eh!
    Stay your ever-lovin' self!

  2. Hang in there Inger. I've heard that you Swedish people are tough!!!
    Thanks Samson for the blog.....good doggie!

  3. Samson you did really well I think Mummy is so proud of you ~ and I also hope Mummy will be feeling much better soon ~ Ally x

  4. Thanks Samson....
    My Mia loves to watch TV....she really likes the dog food commerical with"Bailey" the shaggy dog.....and Whale Wars...she watches that with!!!


  5. Take good care of your Mommy, Samson. Doggie love is great medicine.

  6. It's always good to have help--Especially on the computer, I just hope Samson who appears to be able to use a computer quite well, doesn't get any ideas about shopping while you're napping!

  7. Sharon: I'm not much for pain pills, so I guess I shouldn't complain about hurting. Samson says thank you -- but what's a home movie?

    Jabacue: Even an old Swede can get tired of this kind of luck. Samson says thank you.

    Ally: Thank you so much from both Samson and me.

    Blue Ridge Boomer: I think Samson is just beginning to notice the TV now.

    Terry: Doggie love is the best!!

    Kim: That was the first good laugh I've had since that fool hit my car. Thanks for that!

  8. I burst out laughing at your response to my blog on Friday re: Sniffin' Time....That Roy sure must know a lot for sure!
    YOU get yourself better...hear...or I'll send Roy your way!!

  9. Sophie: I know those hound dog noses. I'm working on getting better, thank you. Though I wouldn't mind meeting Roy.

    Farmchick: I am too. He really wants to help.

  10. I'm just now hearing about your accident and your fears. I know how it is easier to get fearful as we get older. I am getting that way myself ;-) I am sure your dogs and husband help to keep you good company through all of this. Hugs xx


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