Sunday, September 12, 2010

Samson Says: I'll teach you how to howl, you old coyotes, you…..

Before I let Samson say anything, I want to welcome two new followers to my blog:  Gerry and Chris. Congratulations, Chris, you are my 50th follower! You don't get a prize for this, but you made me very happy. I love to get new followers, I love comments, and most of all I love the new friends I have met through my blog. I had no idea this was possible. I also enjoy looking at my flag counter and seeing that people from all these different countries have visited here at one time or another. OK, Samson, it's all yours.

On Saturday, Daddy took me up to the ranch to see Mommy and the rest of my pack. About time, as far as I'm concerned. The first night I was there, we had some excitement! A lot of strange noises came from outside our bedroom window. It sounded like a bunch of little kids squabbling and every now and then someone let out a howling noise. Daddy thought I should learn about the wild animals, so he took us all out in the dog-run and there we stood and listened. Of course us dogs used our noses too but I've already figured out Daddy doesn't even know what his nose is for, if he even knows he has one.

But he knows a thing or two about wildlife and when he said those animals were coyotes, I got a little bit wiser. I was a little scared at first, but Angel and Soldier were barking like mad and I thought the coyotes would get scared and run away. But they didn't. They stayed for a long time and squabbled and yack - yacked like a bunch of chickens. I never got to see them, so I don't know what they look like, but I figure they must look like some kind of dog. They smelled bad too, not like a regular dog. I guess that's how wild dogs smell.

You know, my breed, the Samoyed, comes from Siberia. That's in Russia where it gets very cold and snowy. I heard they have an even bigger howler there, called a WOLF. I bet these coyotes would be real scared if they met up with a real Siberian wolf.

Hmmm…I think I just got an idea!! Wait a minute, since I'm from Siberia, maybe I can howl too.

That's what I thought and then I got started.

And once I got started, I had so much fun! So I howled some more. You just open your mouth wide, take a deep breath and let it out with a big sound to go with it. I don't really know where the big sound comes from, but you could try it.

Angel and Soldier were so surprised looking. Look at Soldier! He looks like he can't believe what he just heard.  But then, you know, they don't know how to do anything but bark those two.

I'm a happy boy here. Just you come back you old coyotes and you will hear some real Siberian howling. Now that ought to scare you away.

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup

A PS from Mommy

Samson, if only you had been here yesterday. The cutest coyote pup came in our yard and it wasn't even really scared when the dogs barked. I tried to take some pictures so you could see what a coyote looks like, but it was way down in the field.

Hope you can see it a little.

Here it's howling too, but your howl was much better. Promise!

Samson: It's very pretty, Mommy – Is it a GIRL? xoxo

Mommy: Oh, you BOYS!!!


  1. Samson! You big brave dog! To howl right back at the coyote like that. You'll teach the other two a thing or two. Your people must be really proud of you!

  2. Hi Samson! Did your howling help make them go away? Jill can howl too and I think she's just some sort of beagle mix. Soldier looks like he can't believe what was coming out of your mouth!

    Good pictures and Post!

  3. Hehe ... great post, please give Samson a pat from me ...

    Your Coyote looks very similar to our jackal - I guess they must be distantly related - jackals are also fond of howling at night ...

  4. Samson, I loved the play by play detail of your experience with the coyotes! We used to live on my parents farm, and the coyotes would very close to our bedroom window and howl for quite some time. I miss those noises!! I hope you get to see one on your next trip to the country!

  5. Samson, your post is just the cutest thing!!! Mommy got great photos. I laughed and laughed! Soldier looks as if he is trying to figure out how you did that!

  6. It sure is very pretty! Just keep the boys away.
    Samson you are very cute yourself.

  7. I've heard wolves howl, one of my own dogs howl but never coyotes or a Samoyed Pup--I wonder if it sounds to dogs like when we're hearing people speak different languages? :-))

  8. Oh Samson! It was such fun to read your post and see your picture mid-howl. We have coyotes here too. Our dog Clifford loves to watch them, but he doesn't know how to howl.

  9. I've seen many a coyote, but never heard them howl. I understand it's a sound you don't forget. Samson is beautiful and you captured his howl on camera very well!


  10. Samson you are beautiful!! And you can howl, good for you... Great pic of the Coyote.

  11. It's getting late for me and I didn't realize I hadn't answered anyone today, so may I just do a communal response here:

    Coyotes howl when they want to gather their pack I believe, much like wolves do. I have pictures of one last winter that howled and howled until two others appeared and they all ran off together. I worried about the little one yesterday, I think it was howling for its mommy, but I may be silly here putting human emotions on a wild animal. What do I know, but howl it did. Samson, truth be told, I had to do some howling of my own before I got him to join in. I'm so glad you like his posts and his looks. He is a cutie pie, that's for sure.

  12. To Samson: you are very good at this blogging business -- keep it up! And, you are so handsome in your pics:)

    To Your Mom: I finally got caught up on all your great blog entries. I love the pic of the coyote howling, and it was nice to see the pics of Mojave & the drive. It makes me miss that area. Hope you are doing well.

  13. I really enjoyed Samson's first post, but I miss Princess' posts, she was such a wise blogger dog. But keep up the good work... Samson has a nice voice too!

  14. Monday Morning:

    Tracey: Samson Says: Thank You!

    Rachael: Samson Says: Thank you. Mom Says: I got caught up on yore too. I'm glad you enjoyed the drive to Mojave and back. That was a young and cute coyote.

    Retired Girl: I miss Princess too. Samson is just a pup, so he has a lot to learn and that's what we'll blog about. This time coyotes -- who knows what will come next.

  15. Samson-so glad you discovered your own howl. I used to have a dog who howled along when any human sang.
    I personally think howling is one of the neatest things digs do-those who can, that is.

  16. WOW, that was cool. I don't see too many coyotes here in New England, only once in a blue moon!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today! I hope you come back to visit. I'm going to follow yours!
    Have a great day!

  17. Gosh, Samson is a beauty. I love that whenever he stops and looks directly at the camera, he appears to be smiling.
    Great howling shot, too! :-)
    Those coyotes are noisy, yappy things, aren't they?

  18. Samson is just beautiful. I have been throughly enjoying your blog, too, so consider me one of your newest followers!

  19. Polly: if I were to sing, they'd all howl, that's how bad I am.

    Farmgirl_dk: The breed is famous for their smiles. Samson says thank you for the compliment.

    Deborah: I will come back to visit. I forgot they have coyotes on the east coast. Take care, Inger

  20. Kent Island Red: Thank you for becoming a follower. Samson says thank you for the compliment. I hope his head is not swelling from all these comments!!

  21. Hello Samson what a fine fellow you are! I'm just popping by to say hello to your mommy to thank her for her lovely comments on my blog - I'll be back to visit you both again:)

  22. Thank you Rosie. Samson says: that's a very pretty rose you have there.

  23. Just found your blog and love your pics. Especially all of the wildlife.

  24. Joe: Thanks, Joe. My blog is sort of all over the place, but I love the wildlife around here so there will be more of that.

  25. I love Samson's smile. We have a lot of coyotes here in central KY. Many on our farm. The pups wail and cry during the night and almost sound like they are screaming. Be careful with them. One attacked our Jack Russell a few years ago.

  26. Farmchick: I hope your dog was OK. Those Jack Rusells are so brave, they could get in trouble.

  27. Inger, Farmchick is right about the coyotes. I have friends that have had coyotes chase their Border Collie back to them while they were hiking in the mountains. The Collie had wandered off from them and must have crossed the coyotes path and the coyotes started chasing him. Luckily the coyotes took off when he got back to my friends. The coyotes will kill a dog if they get a chance so please be careful with yours.

  28. Joe: Thank you for getting back to me. We haven't had any coyote problems so far. My old dogs and Samson are on leashes when we hike in the mountains. Rattlesnakes are a bigger concern here and as a rule I vaccinate my dogs. One got bitten a few years back, but survived. Very painful for the poor thing. You may want to read my 8/28 post for a pic of a bobcat and a rattlesnake story.

  29. Read the bobcat and rattlesnake story. That sounded like a wild time!! While we have timber rattlesnakes in my area my dog has never encountered one...luckily!! If I can chose I'll deal with the coyotes before the snakes. Nice bobcat pics. I've never been able to get a bobcat on my trail cameras. I'm going to try a location this winter that I found this summer where I think I can get a pic of one at.

  30. Undebara Simson, visste det var en riktig kille i dig.Solider ser ut att tappa hakan av avundsjuka när du ylar högt. Kärlek till dig. ¨
    Kramar från Sverige.


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