Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coyote Visitor

Quote for Today:  I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. – D. H. Lawrence

The young coyote came by last week and had a long conversation with Soldier. She (I think it is a she) stood less than 100 feet away and yapped, yodeled and howled at him and Samson. Soldier barked frenetically while Samson observed quietly. At his Los Angeles house, Samson is used to people and dogs walking by his yard all the time and I can't help but wonder what he thinks about this place where no people walk by, but strange animals come to visit. I went out the front door and took a few pictures none of them any good. 

She is very pretty, her cheeks and chest are white. She has a good coat, a thick tail, and looks well-fed. I scared her down to the field, where she stopped and looked for a while. Then she took off behind the junipers and when I saw her again on her way up the mountain, she jumped and jumped, high above the field, full of joy and so pretty in the setting sun.

She came again the next day. Closer even, no more than 30 feet from the dog enclosure, she walked around behind my table and looked for food. Both Soldier and Samson barked this time. I tried to take her picture through my living room window. The ones that follow are the best I could do. 

Many, many ground squirrels live in our yard this summer and are the major attraction, I'm sure. But I also think she ate of the juniper berries that cover the ground under one of these trees.

As soon as we let Angel out to bark, the coyote turned her back and started to leave. Almost as if to say: "I like to interact with those boys, but keep that old girl dog in the house, will you."

Should I leave or shouldn't I? 

I guess I can stand here and pose for a coyote minute.

But then I'm off. Down the road and through the fields I go to see what else I may run into today.

She came by four days in a row and I think she'll be back again soon.


  1. She's a pretty one, that's for sure! I have trouble getting decent pictures at a distance too. We have the deer come into the field across the road and they are so pretty, but I can't get a decent picture.

  2. Inger, you are WAY out there eh? Sophie would go crazy if she saw a coyote. Nice shots.

  3. She's beautiful. May she always stay as free & healthy as she is now. May man and his wicked ways stay far off her path.

  4. I fear that Soldier has taught Samson to bark at passersby. I think your photos are quite. Lovely photos.

  5. I think coyote has adopted you :).

  6. She is very beautiful, a little bit close isn't she?

  7. She's very beautiful. What fun to see her.

    One word of warning, and I don't even know if it's true, or just a tale. I have read on a couple of bulletin boards that coyotes will send one or two of a pack close to a house to lure a dog closer to play. Then, when the dog follows, the whole pack will attack. Your dogs are all big, but, I wouldn't let them loose when that pretty girl is around.

  8. She seems to like your place....maybe eventually she will get used to your presence. Love the pics.


  9. Sharon: It would help if I had cleaner windows.

    Jabacue: I really wonder what Samson thinks of all this.

    Lynda: Thank you, I feel the same way. When she jumped in the field, I was elated. I had never seen anyting like it.

    Barbee: Thank you and I hear Samson barks at select people and dogs in LA.

    Joe: I may have adopted it. But one has to watch out and not get attached to the wild critters around here. I was to the Road Runner couple and then they didn't come back this year. SAD!

    Louise: My dogs are not running loose right now. Princess always did and we met many coyotes and they always left us alone. I know of a pitbull here that survived a coyote pack attack, and I think I heard a dog get killed in the fields below that day when Princess ran to investigate and I freaked out. I mentioned it in my memorial to her.

    Tina: She would leave so fast if I even just opened the window.

    Ninny: I'm glad you like the pics, I wasn't sure. And yes, she likes to come by. I guess they have their hunting paths they follow. She is definitely a young one.

  10. Hello Inger! I am so sorry that I've not been a regular visitor (unlike the coyote) to your blog lately--Life and all that business was really getting a way from me! But I've really enjoyed catching up and really enjoyed these pictures today. They say that we have "urban coyotes" around us here in Virginia, but I've only been able to catch a glimpse of them and wasn't quite sure if that was what I saw or not. Your girl is lovely and I'm glad she's well fed on the good eats in your corner of the world!

  11. Great pictures Inger, but I can't imagine having coyotes where I live - and glad I don't since I have chickens!

  12. Looks like it enjoys hanging around! I don't enjoy having coyotes on our property.

  13. Lovely pictures Inger! Amazing wildlife you have over

  14. ah, she is beautiful! glad you got some pictures. yes, coyotes are so free and there's something about them that's just magical. hope she continues to visit you for a while. berries are probably a treat for her! she has a wonderful habitat and i bet your home is a big bonus!

  15. Kim: I know life interferes all the time and I can't imagine how you guys who work and take care of so many animals plus families have time to even write your own blogs.

    KentIslandRed: I wouldn't either if I had chickens.

    Farmchick: With our setup right now I love having them here. I decided against having cats b/c they would be in danger outside here. And chickens, of course. But those we may still have and we have to learn to live together with the wild critters.

    Tracey: I enjoy the wildlife. Thanks for pic comment. I wans't sure if anyone could see her.

    Hopeful: I do enjoy the wildlife and there is something about all the desert critters I think. Just how tough they have to be to survive.

  16. I throughly enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures ~ You did well with the pictures ~ she/he is a beautiful animal ~ Ally x

  17. Ally: I'm glad you enjoyed the coyote.

  18. Great pictures; Coyotes, wow!

  19. Hello,
    Exciting blog you have. Different animals and landscape than I'm used to here in Norway.
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog, and you're very welcome to follow me and my camera.

    Have a nice day.


  20. I love watching the coyotes here too. We have a lovely couple who come close. We keep our kitties indoors and our dog leashed or in his fenced backyard just to be safe. But the coyotes were here first, and they are most welcome.


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