Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Been Happening....

Hello everyone and once again, thank you so much for your comments. It is truly beautiful here this time of year and will be as the snow comes and then the spring flowers. Only the summer is a bit hard to take for me.

I'm still recovering from the accident. We have hired an attorney, so now I am not allowed to discuss my injuries in a public forum like this one. I removed the post where I described the accident. My husband is here and that has been great. What has not been so great is going to doctors, lawyers, the car repair shop and finally meeting with the adjuster. Long story short, the car is totalled. It had some serious damage behind the front wheel once they took it off, in addition to all that body damage. I am very sad about it -- it was a very good car.
I am very tired and sort of overwhelmed by all this. So this is just a short post to let you now what's going on with me. After I rest this weekend, I hope to be able to focus better and write a real post.

It's interesting how much hard work it is to be in a car accident. So much stuff that needs to be taken care of and you have to go to so many places and get completely exhausted. I haven't been so glad to see a Saturday since before I retired from my real job.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend.


  1. I am just glad you survived. My son's good friend was killed in a wreck three weeks ago and his young widow is going through the same thing. Hope this all works out for you and hope you are on the mend. Glad your husband is there with you.


  2. Hi Inger,
    The first thing I thought was "the heck with the car - you're alive!" Sorry about all the hassles this has caused you tho. Sounds like no fun to me.

  3. I've never been in a major car accident (touch wood) Inger so I don't really appreciate all the hassle involved.

    It's sad that your car was totaled, we tend to become attached to our wheels.

    Hope you're recovering well.

  4. Hey Inger, I am back from the holidays so that is why I have been absent. I am so sorry to hear about your car accident (just after reading this post I stopped looking for the post about the accident - I couldn't figure out where it was!). Sometimes in life bad things just keep piling up. Is it a test? If so, somebody's got a weird sense of humor. I hope you recover from the accident soon. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  5. What a shame the car is totalled. I hope you are feeling better every day.

  6. We understand about you not being able to talk about what happened. Just know you have one heck of a support system right here.
    Sorry to hear about the car. Hopefully you will love the next one as much.
    Take care. Rest.

  7. wow, that is unfortunate. and, you're right - what you really need is a lot of rest and lack of stress and i bet all the appointments is draining. glad you checked in with us. just take a day at a time and love on those animals (oh, and don't forget your husband, ha ha). i hope you're not getting the heatwave we are gonna get for the next few days - here in joshua tree it's supposed to be back to triple digits after a nice ride in the 80's. ugh. i'm like you - don't like the high, high heat. take care of yourself.

  8. Ninny: That's so sad. And I know I was blessed to survive.
    Kent Island Red: You are right. Seems like at first you are happy to be alive, then you get upset about all the rest you go through.
    Sandra: Hi, I'm so glad to hear from you again!!
    Terry: Thanks, I'm sure I will feel better after I get some rest this weekend.
    AJ-Oaks: I know and am amazed at the support you guys have given me. I appreciate it so much.
    Hopeful: It is getting hotter, but I don't think we'll get triple digits. I'll check on your chicken progress in the next few days.

  9. OneStonedCrow: I loved my car, you are so right, we do get attached if it is a good one. Thanks for the good wishes.--Inger

  10. Inger, Good to hear that you are getting everything done that needs to be done. Good! Now, relax and just think about mending yourself. We miss you and send you very positive thoughts....oh yeah, and a a big LICK from Sophie!!!

  11. Jabacue: Thank you Jim and Ron. And Sophie, I think that big LICK made me feel a whole lot better! Thank you, sweet girl.

  12. Inger, you aren't IS an incredible amount of work after being in an accident...I went through it with my son, and honestly, it was tiring for me, and I wasn't even involved in the accident!

    Hope each day is easier.

  13. Hang in there, my friend:) My critters & I send our love!


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