Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Foal (of the Long Eared Kind)

My Theme for the A to Z Challenge: Desert Canyon Living

On a cold and stormy December day, I witnessed the birth of a donkey foal.  My husband and I were down at the rescue next door. Fortunately, I had my camera. Everyone else was in town having lunch. I called the owner who felt all would be well since the mother was a wild burro, recently rescued. All jacks at the rescue were neutered, of course, but when they rescued wild burros, some of them came in pregnant and gave birth at the ranch.

The birth went well. It seemed to take a long time, but it really didn't. It was interesting to watch the other jennies while the birthing process took place. One started braying, as though she wanted to announce this happy occasion to the entire world. Another stood by silently, watching intently, as the foal struggled  into the world. She clearly was there to help. And she did, she was the first to lick the newborn foal. Above the foal is taking her very first steps.

And here she is sometime later -- I don't know how old she may be -- with her mommy and the helpful donkey auntie. They do take such good care of their young, often with help from other jennies. I named her Storm, but I don't think it got into the official rescue records. I hope she is a part of the burros that went from here to Texas where they have several leased acres for them to roam, more or less free again.

In my post, B is for Burro, I posted a story I wrote about a wild burro's dream of freedom. In it, I mention a beautiful black foal recently born at the ranch. This is that foal. Isn't he gorgeous? Look how big his ears are already.

A little chubby burro baby.

I better stick with mommy.

Let me close with one of my favorite burro foal and mom photos. I feel so blessed when I'm able to capture a real moment in time of such beauty and tenderness as this.

If you want to learn more about donkeys, my blogger friend, Tina, who volunteers at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, wrote a very informative post for her D is for Donkey post yesterday. You can read it here. 

Note: My regular features: Sunday Morning Reflections, Tuesday's Treasures, Wednesday's Book, and Samson Says will not appear until May. 

I thought about something else I won't be able to do while participating in the A - Z Challenge: I will not be able to greet new followers and provide a link to their blogs as I like to do under normal circumstances. Once the challenge is over, I plan to devote a post to new followers who found my blog in April and decided to follow it. For now, welcome, and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.


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