Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Trains

My theme for the A to Z Challenge: Desert Canyon Living

T could also be for trucks, which, in addition to trains, travel through Tehachapi in huge numbers each day. It's all about transporting goods from northern California and the San Joaquin Valley to points south and east. But trains came first. 

I love trains so much, my husband knows and gave me this book for a birthday present a few years ago. It tells the story of how the rails were laid across the Tehachapi mountains, how the Tehachapi Loop came to be, and the history of trains in this area. The book is also full of very interesting, historical, photos of trains. This was a perfect gift that I had no idea my husband would find for me.

If you don't take the highway to town, you may have to stop at this railroad crossing. Something I never seem to mind.

This is the rebuilt railroad depot in town. The orgininal building was in the process of being renovated, firesprinklers were going to be installed that week, when on one summer's night in 2008, two drunks playing with firecrackers set the historic 100-year old building ablaze. The town pulled together and rebuilt it and it now serves as a museum.

The first winter we had our place, my husband took this sequence of photos of an approaching train. I have always loved the mood of these pictures, so I will share them without commentary.

At night, in the quiet right before I fall asleep, I often hear trains blow their whistles about four miles away and I dream about far away places. 


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