Monday, April 4, 2011

This and That

Yesterday was a lazy day around here, not so good with all the work that needs to be done, but I guess I needed to rest. I visited some new blogs, and on one I felt instantly at home. The blog belongs to Arkansas Patti and I want to welcome her  to my blog as well. I also want to welcome Annette, who is a new follower that I may not have welcomed properly at the time. I spent time this morning reading her blog, which is about horses, chickens, and country life. Annette has another blog called that looks new and will be about her garden. I know you will enjoy visiting these three blogs.

I've enjoyed the first two days of the A to Z challenge and I'm already beginning to regret that I didn't sign up to participate. I'm sure they will do it again next year, it's so much fun. If you are interested in reading some of the posts, the challenge is to write on a subject from A to Z  for each day, except Sundays, during the month of April. The participants usually have a link to all the people who take part in the challenge. You can get started by checking the list of blogs that I follow in my sidebar. For example, one that I'm reading with interest is Manzanita's Her theme  for the challenge is her passion for Flamenco. Today's letter is C, and I'm pretty sure I know what she will write about.

This morning, I went outside to see if I could find something to take pictures of for this post. Last night, as we were having dinner, I watched three young rabbits frolicking up on the hillside and I saw a covey of California Quail tripping by outside our window. This morning I saw a fence lizard and a couple of ground squirrels that all disappeared before I could take any photos. So I focused on the budding trees in the yard. Unfortunately, I lost a couple of trees last year when it was so cold on and off in April and May. (We had the last snow on May 23rd.) I only have a few trees left and the lilac bush above. There were buds on the tree and plenty of buds and even leaves beginning to open on the lilac bush.

But our rosemary plant is in full bloom and so pretty, I think.

Finally, thanks for all your comments about the flowers in my front yard. I tried to find out what they are called, but couldn't find them in the book I have. The main thing, though, is to enjoy them and I'm glad you did.

Have a great day, everyone.


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