Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Better

Yesterday, I saw the first bumble bee, the first white cabbage butterflies, and the first fence lizard of the year. The yard is covered in tiny flowers and the grass is green. My husband feels better and that makes all the difference to me, of course.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I know that some of you are dealing with a lot more than I am and I keep you in my thoughts and worry when I don't see a blog update. Jim, you are so right, those of us who comment regularly on each other's blogs have become a very supportive group and there is real friendship there. I am very grateful.....

It felt great to read you blogs yesterday and catch up. Now I'm off to read some of the blogs that took up the A - Z writers' challenge for the month of April. That should be interesting. 

Have a great spring day everyone.


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