Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Soldier and Samson

My theme for the A to Z Challenge: Desert Canyon Living

Soldier was rescued by my husband the day before his owner was taking him to the pound because she was moving to Florida.

He had been tied up to a dog house for the seven years of his life. Soldier is a soulful, special dog. A fierce guard dog, who does not like most men, but loves my husband. Women on 

the other hand, he adores excessively. He will end up in your lap, all 77 lbs of him, if you are a woman, even if he has never seen you before. He loves it when I kiss his ears and as you can see here, he smiles when I come home from town. I wanted a lapdog and I got one here, a big one. 

Keeping lookout at the window. He is a bit hard of hearing now, but doesn't miss much. 

He looks forward to his almost daily walks with me, but the longer hikes we all go on are the best, of course.

No one sleeps as well as Soldier and I have many pictures of him in deep sleep. Here he got my slipper to snuggle with.

Samson was so little when I first met him. He is about three months here. He loved playing in the water and 

digging even more. He started his digging career in my flower pots and had a ball with them. 

He was always a dirty mess. 

Soldier was very patient with him when Samson was little.

Here Samson has got Soldier's neck in a good grip, but Soldier never got mad as long as Samson was a puppy. After that Soldier got fed up with Samson's playfulness and they had a few fights about who would be top dog. I should say, top male dog; Angel is the alpha dog in our house. Since Samson is younger, bigger and stronger, Soldier soon figured fighting wasn't worth it so now they may have a little scuffle that ends right away, but no more fights. 

This is Samson's first howl and I know I have posted 

this picture many times before, so this is for new visitors and those of you who can't get enough of this kind of cute stuff.

When he was done, he gave me a big smile for the camera.

Samson is a very attentive dog. He doesn't just follow me around, he pays real attention to what I'm doing. He is very good-natured, smart, and easy to train. The Samoyed is a pretty laid-back breed, but Samson is also learning how to be a guard dog from the other two. Since they are both old now, I  have noticed that Samson is often the first to bark an alarm. He is turning out to be a lovely dog.

Before the pecking order was established, Soldier got Samson's bone. That would never happen now.

Hey, that's my bone!

I got it back.

Sleeping together, they are the best of friends.


  1. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends!

  2. I must get my camera out more... that is a gorgeous pair of dogs but soldiers tale was sad.. I don't understand people who get dogs but don't take responsiblity for them until the end xx

  3. i loved this post. omg, baby samson in the flower pot cracked me up!!! both such handsome fellows... love babies...

  4. Three notes: Sandra, Elephant Lover, now I can't leave comments on you blog again. Help!

    I forgot to mention that when I kiss Soldier's ears for a while, he burps with pleasure. So cute!

    Thank you for you comments, I am, indeed, blessed and I must remember that.

  5. I have to say that baby Samson in the flower pot was my favorite picture too. I think maybe S has been my favorite letter so far.

  6. Awesome dogs! I love the howling pictures.

  7. What a beauty Soldier is! I love how our dogs snuggle with our slippers. What's up with that? Samson looks like one of those Russ stuffed toys when he was little > SO ADORABLE!!! Gracie agrees!! Both Soldier and Samson have brought lots of joy into your house (as well as the others) and it is so nice to see them highlighted as todays special post.

  8. Bless your husband for saving Soldier. What a wonderful and beautiful dog he is. I'm sure Samson is the ham of your doggie family, but Soldier seems to be wise and tolerant. A great combination! :)

  9. That is a heartfelt sequence. Dogs are the smartest companions. My Cody is at my side always and constantly amuses me. Soldier and Samson are two beautifully special dogs. And you are a dear person, Inger.
    Have a happy Friday.... S Day.

  10. I'd never get tired of the howling photos. Just this week I was telling my husband and son about him howling. Soldier is so pretty, both of them are.

  11. I knew you guys would not be bored with Samson howling back at the coyotes. One of my best photos, thanks to Samson.

  12. I love the picture of Samson as a puppy sitting & looking at the camera. You, your husband & the dogs are fortunate to have each other in your lives.

  13. Oh Soldier is a sweet dog, love that face and the fact you people rescued him and now he's living a wonderful life with your family of dogs. The muddy feet reminded me when our two Weims play out they have to have their feet cleaned before coming in the house so they don't get prints and dirt all over. In the long winter it's not so bad as everything is frozen but now not so, it's gets very tedious at times but they are trailed to it now.

  14. Soldier and Samson are ridiculously adorable! Your lifestyle is so amazing. I would give up lot to be able to live in that climate.

  15. I am sorry Soldier had seven bad years but you have certainly made up for those. You are both quite lucky.
    I do love the Sammy smile but am glad they belong to someone else when it is shedding time. I worked in rescue for 15 years and seeing happy dogs with wonderful owners, makes my day. Love this post.

  16. hahaha! of course a white dog would love the dirt!! both of their smiles are absolutely contagious! i'd welcome either on my lap...

  17. I love that you have two dogs. We have almost always had two, now have just one, but we're thinking another might be nice! I like the pictures of the dogs interacting. I know with our dogs it was always interesting (and sometimes sad, sometimes scary) when the pecking order changed.

  18. what a wonderful story about soldier! and the name is perfect for him. my favorite pic is with their tails both hanging off the couch and sampson digging in the flower pot. thanks for sharing!

  19. Two wonderful dogs! Angel makes three.

  20. Beautiful pictures, both Samson and soldiers are two excellent dogs Greetings

  21. Did you name your dogs, or did they come with those names? What a sweet story about Soldier. He found a great home...

  22. They are so sweet together. Love those pics of Samson when he was a puppy.

  23. Inger,
    I loved hearing the tales of both wonderful! I love the pictures and what made me smile is Samson in the pot :) what a cutie!
    Happy Easter!

  24. Just as I started to write my comment Henry decided I had ignored him long enough and started persistantly nudging my elbow... I had to stop and rub his head a little and finally tell him to STOP. I think he saw the photos of Samson and Soldier and decided I was paying too much attention to other dogs... enjoyed catch up on both of yours and of course Angel. You've done a great job keeping up with your challenge. It's fun seeing which key word you've picked each day!


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