Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Was That I Saw in a Field of Cattle?

Yesterday, I took the trash to the dump and as I drove down the hill after I was done, I saw something glittering and blue in the middle of the field at the bottom of the hill. This is a very large field where cattle graze, and it is a dry desert landscape most of the time. What was it? A lake, a mirage, an April fool's joke? When I got to the edge of the field, I saw that it was indeed a lake. It wasn't wide, but it was long. I remembered reading about a lake, called Proctor Lake,  that used to be here but has been dry for decades. Several cattle were standing knee-deep in the water and seemed to be enjoying themselves. It has rained a lot here this winter and I've seen ponds and streams that I have never seen before, but a long, narrow, lake was something totally unexpected and interesting. Need I say my camera was at home, sitting right here in the office, having a nice and restful day?

I enjoyed reading the A is for … of your A – Z challenge and I'm looking forward to all the rest.

Rebekah, you asked: I was 22 when I arrived in New York, right after the Cuban missile crisis. People back home thought I was crazy to go at that time. Before that, between the ages of 19 and 21, I lived in London and went to college there. 

I'm glad my husband will see his doctor and get referred to appropriate specialists next week. I am worried about him. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers you sent our way.  

With no pictures of this lake, I'm posting Samson playing with his toy dog instead. Makes no sense, I know.


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