Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feeling Better

This is my first time on the computer in two weeks and I wanted to thank you for your comments. And Jane, thanks for your card, I'm glad the book was good. Anyone who may want to copy the Say No to Word Verification gadget, please feel free. I want to spread the word and will be glad to get some help. Someone asked if I was going to write a review of The Pale King and right now I will be too busy. I haven't actually finished it or any of about 8 other books I tried to read while sick.

I'm just going to bore you a little bit with how awful the last two weeks have been. After my last post, I became really ill again with a fever, stomach upset and this terrible cough. Then my back went out from coughing, so a lot of pain again. I saw the doctor a week ago, that was the best I could do, just couldn't get out of bed any sooner. My hubby is also better, but neither of us is 100% yet. 

Then Saturday, I woke up to a huge dog mess all over the living room carpet. Samson sick to his stomach. Cleaned up, let him stay outside. Then we noticed he was throwing up blood. Hubby took him to the vet immediately, which was good. Nothing worse than sick dogs on a Sunday. Samson was diagnosed with pancreatitis -- don't know how to spell it and haven't looked it up yet. From what I understand he suffered from severe inflammation and needed intravenous liquids, antibiotics, anti acids, bland food. He spent the weekend at the vet, where he tore out three IVs and in general didn't think much of the experience. Vet said it was good we brought him in right away, often dogs with this don't make it because they are seen too late. 


Then last night, Soldier got the runs! We couldn't believe it, because he is never sick. After we stayed up most of the night with him, we left him outside in the dog run around two a.m. as there seemed to be no end to what was dribbling out of him. He didn't mind, so we finally got a few hours sleep. We have bland food from the vet and we're cooking rice right now.  Then we'll pick up some chicken to boil and cottage cheese and other bland stuff for the dogs. Who knows what's going on!

Hubby has to go to Los Angeles today and I'm worried because he really didn't get much sleep. But I thought I would end this sad tale with a rainbow from a year or so ago. There's something hopeful about a rainbow, I think. 


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