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Swedish Rhapsody ~ My Theme for the A to Z Challenge 2012

Theme ~ Swedish Rhapsody
The A to Z Challenge begins tomorrow. Over 1,300 bloggers have signed up this year so it should be great fun. To meet the challenge, we have to post every day in April, except Sundays, but since there are five Sundays this April, we will begin tomorrow . That will take us through the alphabet from A to Z.
Last year, my theme was Desert Canyon Living and this year it is Swedish Rhapsody. I have a subject for almost all the letters so that's a relief. 
The parts that cover my memories will be from my childhood and teenage years, the 1940s and 50s, with some from more recent visits. I moved to the United States in 1962, so of course, much has changed in Sweden since then. My posts will not be very serious and will cover traditions, food, drink, nature, folklore, places, books, memories and more. I hope you will join me on this alphabet journey and that I will be able to entertain you.
Since you won't hear from the dogs for a month, here is an update:
Angel, very old now, but doing well. She is healthy and still guards, disciplines Samson, plays with Samson, steals my slippers, and then she sleeps. Pippi Birdie in the background is also healthy and doing well. He's only been sick once in 12 years and made it through OK. A great little companion.

As some of you know, we have been really ill here for over a month (I just had a setback and find myself with a lowgrade fever again. I guess it was the trip to LA, but that had to get done) and Soldier is the one dog that has really suffered from lack of exercise. He needs his daily walks to keep his joints moving and to keep him relatively pain free. I may have to put him on some arthritis medicine and will talk to the vet next week about that.
Samson has recovered well from his bout with pancreatitis (sp?) and is back to his old complaining self. He's particularly mad that I haven't let him blog about his experience at the vet. I have had a running battle with my husband to have Samson neutered. When Samson was at the vet, they determined that he has an enlarged prostate. Something common in older dogs that haven't been fixed, but unusual in someone less than three years old. So, he doesn't know this yet, but next week, he'll go back to the vet to get fixed. I'm not happy that he has this problem, which could turn serious, but I am very happy to get this battle out of the way. Please say a prayer for him, that all will go smoothly. Thanks.
Finally, if anyone can help me with this, I would much appreciate it. It has happened to me once before and got fixed without me doing anything. The problem is that both the size of my Dashboard and the font of both my dashboard and my comment pop up screen in Google Chrome has shrunk to a practically unreadable size. Right before the A to Z Challenge at that. It is still the normal size in Internet Explorer. However, it takes forever to blog in Internet Explorer, so this presents a bit of a problem. But I will deal with it, not much else to do, unless one of you may have a solution. 
 This is the size of the Dashboard in Google Chrome
and this is the regular size, here displayed in Internet Explorer. 


  1. Well my dear, I can't help with the font problem as I'm not very technologically savvy, however, I can't wait to read your blog!
    I am also over joyed that Sampson is getting 'fixed' as he will feel better. All your dogs are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Dear Inger, . . . I'm so technologically challenged that I can offer you no help with the computer problems. ButI do want to congratulate you on being part of that A to Z project. That's a big commitment. And I also want to thank you for updating us on the health of Samson, Soldier and Angel. Peace.

    PS: I’ll be absent from the blogging world during the month of April. However, I’m going to schedule reposts of stories I posted last May and June when I had only a few readers. If you have time while doing your daily A-Z blogging, please stop by my blog every Tuesday and Saturday in April. I’d appreciate comments because they will help me decide just what topics to cover in the memoir on which I’m working.

    I regret already that I’ll be missing all your April postings. If you have several ones about Sweden that you’d like me to read when I begin again in May, please go to my blog and mention the postings that are particularly important to you.

    I’ll start reading again on Tuesday, May 1. See you then!

  3. Looking forward to reading your Challenge posts Inger - say 'woof!' to your furry friends from me ...

  4. glad samson is getting fixed. one of my dogs (many years ago) had that enlarged prostrate problem and i wished i had gotten him fixed years before...

  5. I don't have a theme for the challenge, I had thought about it, but it will be just random topics....looking forward to learning more about Sweden and everything that goes with it.

  6. Ska bli spännande och läsa dina inlägg framöver. Hör av dig om du behöver tips. (mailadress på min hemsida) Hoppas Samson blir bra av sin åkomma.
    Vi fick snö igår du...lite stopp i våren nu och det är -5 C ute nu.

  7. Glad to know that your dogs are doing well--or have problems that are "fixable". Sorry you had a setback! I'll be happy to read whatever you write!

  8. Sorry that so many of you are having such problems. No fun in the family when virtually everybody is out of sorts. Hope everyone is doing better soon.

    Swedish Rhapsody for A-Z. Oh how Swede it is! Looking forward to your posts. And 1, 300 people; I think I'll be lucky to meet 10% of them.

  9. Samson will thank you for his little surgery. Dogs that aren't neutered have a much higher cancer rate.

  10. Enjoyed the update and hope you feel better - and of course, Samson too!

    I would join in but I'm already trying to keep up with a challenge to myself which was to draw every day of the year. I've already missed that because I've been on the road too much.

    I might join in here and there though just to keep focused.

  11. Glad everyone is okay and hope your low-grade fever does go down. Looking forward to you A-Z posts. I don't have a solution to your technology problem. Sometimes strange things happen to me on blogger....wish they didn't!

  12. I got a screen change like yours once before. I don't remember if I clicked a button at the top somewhere or if I enlarged the screen with my mouse, but the problem disappeared. Hope you're over that fever soonest, Inger. Your babies look terrific. Know Samson will be fine. Looking forward to your posts.

  13. Hope you're starting to feel better soon. I've got myself the worst cold I ever had. I've been laid low with it for almost two weeks now. Good to hear you animal update. Pets are a worry, aren't they!

    As for the text size, that happened to me once and all I did was hold down Control and 0 (that's the number nought not the letter o) and it came back to normal.

  14. A to Z is it? Best of luck and I'm certain great posts to follow

  15. Hi Inger,
    I'm sorry to hear that you're having a setback.
    Beautiful dogs you have there.
    Looking forward read your posts :) AS being a Swede abroad myself these days.
    Enjoy your Sunday!


  16. Thank you Rosalind, I did it and it worked! What a relief and I am so glad I asked for help. Thank you so much!

  17. Hi Iner - so looking forward to reading your Swedish Rhapsody .. that will be fun and informative.

    Great to have the updates re the dogs - do look after yourself though .. post and if you don't visit we understand ..

    Glad the font scenario got sorted - good to know Ros helped ..

    Cheers Hilary

  18. you know i love soldier and why, sorry to hear he is having problems and that all of you have been sick.
    about chrome, look at top right of your screen, see the picture of a wrench, click on that, it will open settings, go down to down to zoom, i bet that is what happened, make it 100 percent.


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