Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fishducky's Art Gallery

My friend Fran, aka fishducky, sent prints of her art to me so that I could post them here from time to time. There is something wrong with my scanner function, I installed it, but  I can't get it to work. I haven't looked into it seriously, but I will soon. My photos of Fran's pen and ink Victorian houses sort of work, so I'm posting a few more today. However, photos of prints of oil paintings and charcoal drawings don't do the pictures justice. I posted one that I love anyway. Enjoy!

Man with beard -- charcoal


  1. wow! gorgeous! LOVE those inks! amazing to me!

  2. I'm not sure I deserve all that praise, but I DO thank you for it! Some of the finer lines on those houses were done with a Rapidograph pen point so small that you're only supposed to use it on glass. I had to keep sending it back to Rapidograph to be cleaned!

  3. beautiful and she is so talented. a God given gift. if you have photoshop, you might be able to scan from your scanner, i could not get mine to work properly after i got the new computer, new drivers, nothing worked. my friend said open photoshop and go to Import and you will see your printer their, click on that and it scans it into photoshop. i have PS and windows 7 not a mac, so might not work if you have a mac

  4. Hi Inger.

    I really enjoyed the style in the ink prints and the detail. They are unique.

    Have a great week!

  5. Dear Inger, The friendship between you and Fran is inspiring. As is her art. She is so gifted. And you are so generous in your support of friends--like Fran and me.


  6. Isn't she amazing! I LOVE her and her art ;)

  7. Coola teckningar....hoppas du mår bättre idag...är snön borta nu? Kram från ett soligt Flachau, Ösgterrike....

  8. Hej Inger,

    I love the ink drawings - beautiful!
    Hope you're feeling better today!
    Have a lovely day!
    Big hugs

  9. Such meticulous work and beautiful details. Thanks for sharing Fran's work with us.


  10. I love that art, Inger. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. These are fabulous -- she's so talented. :)

  12. Aren't they all just wonderful? I do love old American Victorian houses and pen and ink -- so the combination is just a dream.

    Good luck with your scanner. I have a newish computer with Windows 7 and though it took me a while did finally figure out how to use the scanner/fax program. It's not the best, but it does work...

  13. Such wonderful detail on those magnificient homes. Looks like you got good suggestions on the scanner problem.
    The bearded gent looks a lot like my mutliple great grand father.


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