Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tracks, Scanner, Links, and an Update on Fundraiser for Amy

Thanks, Upupaepops, for confirming the jack rabbit tracks. I took this picture late Monday, after the snow had melted for a while, and it was clear then that the animal was light-weight. My tracks to the right and the coyote tracks, as well, had melted to the ground, while these had not. 

Thanks, Sandra, for the scanner advice. I have Photoshop, but not in this computer. I installed the scanner with no problems, but it won't scan. I just haven't taken the time to look into it. With both hubby, me, Soldier and Samson on medicines, I kept forgetting to give Angel hers. As you can see, her nose got worse for it. She has discoid lupus and if this happens to your dog, please check out Natural Canine's homeopathic treatments. Most vets suggest either steroids (terrible) or antibiotics. You may want to check out their web site for other things for your dog as well: Angel has been using their products for years and is doing very well. (As long as I don't forget to give her the stuff.)

I sat outside yesterday with the dogs and enjoyed the sounds and smells of the melting snow, when a butterfly started to flutter around us. It stayed around all day, but with temperatures in the 20s overnight, I guess it must be gone by now. 

There is still some snow left in the mountains and on the north side of the junipers. 
I know some of you, my dear blogger friends, helped raise funds for Amy, who is fighting melanoma. And kept her in your prayers too. Yesterday, I finally went to their blog to see what happened after the close of the fundraiser. There I found a heartfelt thank you letter from Amy herself, letting us know that she and Sylvia have moved into a small house in San Diego. I know how difficult it was for Sylvia to do this and for Amy to realize and accept what Sylvia had done. I shared with Amy something that my blogger friend Dee Ready said to me: "There is a grace in accepting help, money or other needed things." Or something to that effect. And Amy really needed the help, so thank you for keeping her in your prayers and contributing to them so they could rent a home of their own.
I have to work on income taxes today and hope to get to my emails tomorrow. I know there must be hundreds of them as I haven't done a thing with them for a month now. So, if anyone wrote to me, it will be a while before I will get back to you.
So much for my idea of having a wordless photo blog during the month of March!!!


  1. I'm glad that Sylvia & Amy are doing better--beautiful pictures--& don't forget Angel's meds!!!

  2. Hey Inger - so sad to hear that you've had health problems ... I hope that you're recovering ...

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog a few posts back ... i appreciate them.

  3. Reading about you sitting outside and listening to the melting snow, I am sitting outside in the sunny 75 degree weather...wondering...what has happened to our earth...:)JP

  4. Pretty early spring pictures. We have gotten quite green around here. Such unusual weather we are all having!

  5. How exciting to see a butterfly! Hooray...spring, indeed, is here!
    Thanks for the update on Amy and Sylvia. I am so glad they found a place.
    One of our former pups had discoid lupus - although the vet had a longer name for it. We didn't treat it as it wasn't very bad and didn't seem to bother our dog. Our vet had a wonderful 'wait and see' attitude about it. I wish I had known about Natural Canine then.
    Take care!

  6. Du har snön kvar....trodde att det töade bort fort hos er. Fina bilder på vovvarna. VI har det bra på semestern, fina backar och mycket sol. Benen håller och solbrännan kommer ....sköt om dig nu, kram!

  7. Thanks for the link for the natural dog meds. Hope her nose is better soon and that you and hubby are all better soon also.

  8. Dear Inger,
    One of those e-mails is from me and it's about Amy and her needs. When you have time to open it, please let me hear from you.

    I'm so relieved that you and Soldier and Samson are feeling better. What a long bout you have had.

    I continue to believe that in order for there to be givers there must be receivers. So when we let ourselves receive we give to others. That is we let them give to us. True grace in every way.


  9. Hi Inger! Love the pictures. That's neat that you got to see a butterfly! I'm happy for spring. Hopefully you are feeling better...

  10. Hi Inger, I saw you on Karen G's post and wanted to say good luck on the A-Z. Your theme is intriguing for the challenge so I'll be back.

  11. Hi Inger .. so pleased Amy and Sylvia are in an easier state of mind. Beautiful pictures - I'm always amazed when flutterbyes appear - just taking their opportunity I guess.

    Look after yourselves ... cheers Hilary

  12. Hi Inger, enjoyed seeing the snow in your area and your cute dogs. I had already checked at Amy's blog awhile back and was so happy to read they secured a place.

    Some day I need to get to this area you live in and hike and look around. I've actually never been there other than maybe passing by on freeways.


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