Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Ice ~ Rink, Hockey, Speed, Fun!

Theme ~ Swedish Rhapsody

Below our house in a Stockholm suburb were large fields where we would ride horses in the summer. The part of the field closest to the road was used for soccer in the summers, but when the weather got cold, they (I have no idea who) would spray it with water and create a large ice-rink for us kids to skate on. There was a small shed with a wood stove to keep us warm and some benches. That's where we changed into our ice skates.  No figure skating took place there. We all skated with hockey skates. We would play, chase each other, work on our speed. Boys chasing girls, jumping up in the snowdrifts that surrounded the ice-rink, and getting a first kiss, there in a snowdrift, perhaps. Personally, I have no recollection........

I became a passionate skater and later became a speed skater. I loved the sport, the speed, the training, everything. 

Older boys would play hockey on the ice-rink and we would practice our hockey moves. You know, those sharp turns and sudden stops where the ice would spray into the air. 

Every winter for years I lived on the ice, looked forward to it, enjoyed it with a passion. My legs are still strong from all that skating and training. A lasting benefit. When we hike, I run out of breath a whole lot faster than my legs get tired.
We are taking Samson to the vet to be neutered this morning and then we'll run some errands. I may not have much time to visit today, but will do my best. Thanks for sending good thoughts for the boy, as I know you will.


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